The Moment of Truth

I have a friend JR who stumbled upon a beautiful woman outside the Kanye West/US Weekly party a few weeks back. They exchanged numbers, they went on a few dates and were in communication constantly. Though he argues that boys cannot be smitten (''that word is too feminine to describe a man, D''), I argue that this is indeed the best word to describe him. He'd arrived at the point where he'd begun sentences with,'' Cherise said blah, blah, blah'' and ''Cherise did blah, blah, blah''. See? Smitten.

Finally came the day when they had sex. They'd done a typical date-- dinner (Ideya) and a movie (Why Did I Get Married)-- and headed back to JRs house Uptown. One thing led to another, and JR later described the encounter as ''overall not bad.'' However, after he'd ''reached joy,'' he was struck with a feeling he didn't expect.

''I immediately wanted to kick her out,'' he told me. ''Or just leave the house. At least the bedroom. I had to get away from her.''

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