The Black Larry David

Today, I've taken my first vacation day since November. I have workaholic tendencies and I thought perhaps I was getting kind of bad when my boss was like, "um, you should use your vacation days, you know." I planned on sleeping in this morning, but alas, the gym and computer call (and I have a lunch date!) I've been doing two-a-days for the last week and yes, already I can see a difference. (damn hills!) Gold Dresses Tai had a bday party last night and I don't know if it was dress, the photographer, or the lighting, but I dammit, I looked good.

Oh, and Tai and Anthony have some words for ya'll about the ride-or-die post. I told them (cause like shoes, they come as a pair) that they could take over the blog for a day when they got a formal response together. I've heard the gist of it. You won't be disapointed. Oh, and words of wisdom from Anthony M. Patterson: "Ladies, you have to control your man. We are like dogs. Don't give us any discipline and we will be pissing in corners and shitting on the floor. We need to know we can't get away with shit."

LOL! With Tai's permission, of course, I'm going to have to add this dude to my inspiration list. There are certain people I call when I can't think of anything interesting to write about. Anthony's proving to be a go-to.

Okay, this isn't a real blog, (I'll be posting later with more Kilpatrick thoughts), but I had to throw this up, well because this dude is wild.

Keenan is a cat that runs with the crew, but I don't see him that often. He has a wifey and a job, so that could explain it. Anyway, he seems so civilized when I encounter him. And I know his girl (sorta) from back in the day. We used to run with the same crew when I first moved to New York. I recalled her as a take no shit woman and I shared as much with Keenan, the author of today's post. I didn't understand how he could write what he writes and have her riding for him. "Oh, she's still take no shit," he said with pride. "She just puts up with me." (Is she the Black Cheryl?) I'm beginning to notice that men in stable relationships have a way of bragging about the lack of sheer shit their women don't take. (Anthony does it too. With pride.) Take from that what you will. I'm still thinking on it.

Anyway, Keenan's blog is my new favorite thing. I read it the other day and my response was "Oh. My. God. You need Jesus." It's real Man Mind. Keenan just got back from a last-minute flight to Brazil aka "The Black Man's Babylon." These are his pontifications upon his return:

"Even if you’re the kind of dude who has no problem with bending over some fly native for the mere price of one date in NY, there’s nothing wrong with that in my book. While women may know within 8 seconds of meeting a dude if she’ll ever sleep with him, men know within that same amount of time if he could ever wife her. Pay attention, I’m not saying that he definitely knows that this is the woman he will marry but, he knows instantly if she’s someone he’ll never marry. For women, once she knows she’ll never sleep with a dude, it’s over right there. If she can’t sleep with him, she can’t wife him. But for a dude, just cuz we know that a woman doesn’t have a cupcake’s chance [of survival] in a fat camp at getting wifed up, that doesn’t mean we still won’t hit it! So with that being said, we know the game is that we probably gotta take you on a date or two, hear about your stupid day, perform and make you laugh like we’re at amateur comedy night and all that other jazz. So can you blame a dude who doesn’t want anything more than gushy stuff from skipping the middleman and just taking his American dollar on the road?"

For more of Keenan's rants, click here.