Belle's Back (Sorta)

Belle's happy again, but she's been busy. No more crying over yogurt for the the forseeable future.

So last night I had dinner with two women and of course, we talked about men.

I won't tell you who said what, but it was me against them in terms of opinions on men. I tend to look for the good in people, which means I often find it (no one is pure evil.)

So the result of our dinner conversation was a survey. Emily wrote it and this morning, I sent it out to 26 anonymous, opinionated (and attractive) Black men in my 8125 (I will not upgrade. I love that phone!)

The answers are still pouring in (and I do mean pouring, within 10 minutes of sending it, almost half had already responded.)

So here's the survey: Dear Man,

After debating the topic of men with 2 lady friends last night, the three of us are trying to clear some things up about the opposite sex. Please answer the following and send back to me. It's all confidential. I promise not to write about you in the blog... at least not with names.

Thanks in advance for being a man with an opinion I can trust.




A Survey of 20 Good Men

1 - would you date a plus size woman (ie 14 and above)

In public? In private? Why or why not?

2 - would you date a woman taller than you (ie 2 or more inches without heels)

3 - You're in a party and spot a young woman across the room. This first thing to catch your attention is:

A. Her attire B. Her face C. Her body D. Her personality

4 - Have you ever stopped dating a woman because of what others have said about her?

5 - while on the train a woman makes it a point to smile and say hello to you. You initially think she is:

A. Flirting B. Just friendly C. Crazy

This is all I have for now...

Think you can predict the answers? Just Try.