Survey Results- Day One

Okay, so 1) I meant to post this morning, but I wanted to get 20 guy responses. Only had 18 when I got to work; 2) I intended to post the full results all at once, but the guys’ answers are so hilarious and insightful that I had to quote them.

I’ll do the answers day-by-day, which should be easier now that I have Internet access in my house again.

Here are the results to the first question:

*70% of men polled WOULD DATE a size 14 woman and ALL who said they would, would date her publicly.

What men said:

“I know there are some charming and pretty plus-sized girls out there, but that just doesn't appeal to me.”

“If you can carry [the weight] well and your brain is right, IT'S ON!“

“Skinny or large, I wouldn’t be gung ho to be in public with someone that can’t dress.”

“Not preferably, but they're not off my radar. Many plus-size women have sex appeal.”

“Size 14 and above to me equals, lazy. I would however have no problem with 10-12.”

“ Size 14 is SOOOO not an issue. My major drawback is whether a woman has a large stomach; Everything else is negotiable.”

“I like my women cute in the face and thick in the waist!”

“In public fo' show! I grew up with full-figured women in a culture that embraces healthy women not women who have the bodies or young boys.”

“Yes, as long as she was well proportioned, and her skin is tight no cellulite. If she was a sloppy size 14.. hell to the no. Hell, a sloppy size anything hell to the no.”