Ugh- Random Ish

You people. HA!

After two weeks of bullshit filler blogs- I ain't been right since that blow up I posted about all cryptic about. I know this so thank you for bearing with me (oh, and where's Hypnotic? I count on certain people to keep me on point)-- I come back with Old School Belle bangers and 4 comments on yesterdays blog? 4!!!? That Eddie blog is my MAGNUM OPUS (look it up if you don't get it.) 4 comments?!!

Ya'll are the toughest crowd ever. And I know you're reading, because I checked the numbers. I'm too scared now to post the second part (yes, all that was part one. We didn't even get to Midwest Anne and what happened Saturday night. That is the better story of the weekend.)

I don't post here for the glory and praise; it's more about documenting the insanity and non stop dramadey that is my life than anything, but I know when I give up a good one. 4 comments? Eddie tops the London/Paris/Italy blog from the HONEY site, I think. I'm trying not to take it personal. Really I am. LOL!

Don't mind me right now. I'm on some "I am an artist and I'm sensetive about my shit." That, and I have another great story from today that I can't tell. People have actually started telling me upfront, "whatever happens today isn't blogable, D" or "Don't quote me on there." LOL!

In other humorous news, I got a call today from my Dad, informing me that a co-worker of his reads my blog. I actually talked to her and she said the nicest things ever (she has favorite posts!), wanted to know why there was no book yet. I'm working on it! I swear I am. Oh, and I am so happy I had the good sense not to blog about so much crazy ish and when I do, at least change the names. There are so many unexpected people reading. Main Street is the whole NorthEast Corridor.

Today's shout out goes to the corporate DCer's laughing at their desks. Oh, and my Dad who has no clue what goes on here, but just knows it's something to be proud of.

So, I need your help. I need to put together Belle posts for an agent. What are the best? If you're a long time reader, feel free to pull from the HONEY site. I just need whatever you think is good or great. It's hard to be objective about my own ish.

And yes, I will post a "real" post later today. But not another story. 4 Comments? People!

Last: a shout out to the subject of Monday's blog. Most hits ever, son. What?!

Oh, and for those of you too shy to post: you can hit me at

~B aka D