Random Weekend Occurrence

I’m sitting at this outdoor restaurant on Saturday, listening to a good friend and potential suitor tell me we have a connection. He’s amazing, a great guy, (cute too!) but not a guy for me. I tell him as much as nicely as possible because I love his friendship, which has spanned many years. He takes it well with a sigh.

Quickly, he’s over it when he spots a beautiful woman with fluffy hair and a well-supported shelf rising from her table. He immediately perks up as she comes our way. I do too.

Him: If it’s not you, it can defintely be her. [Big smile. Just that quick, I'm forgotten. LOL!]

Me: [Laughing] Dude, that’s my cousin!

Him: [Screwface] What?!! XXX is your cousin?!!!

Me: [Nodding] Blood related.

Him: [Bigger sigh] I guess it runs in the family.