Married Life

I asked and I received. I was running low on blog topics awhile back and one of my bestests from the Old Country hit me with this idea. She’s married and in her late 20s, and has two of the most precious munchkins- almost 1, and nearly 4-- on Earth. She wrote:

At my wedding reception, when I threw the bouquet all of the adult women, ages 22-27 backed away when it started coming their way. They all thought by catching it some curse of marriage would be laid upon them. Growing up, I would go to weddings and ladies loved the fun of catching the bouquet. There was no "curse" only hope.

If it wasn't my wedding and I was the same age I would have thought it fun to catch the bouquet, but that could be because I liked the idea of "one day" getting married. I don't know. Maybe if you were there [long story as to why I was not] you may not have gone with the group mentality to cross your arms and back away. Or maybe you too would have looked at others thinking "I don't want to be next." Please blog on this. I know the general assumption is that marriage is a loss of fun and freedom. And those who think that are right. Marriage is less freedom and it takes a lot of sacrifice, but it’s no less fun and rewarding.

My girl was way off. In July, I went to a wedding of one of my close NY friends in Long Island. It was a gorgeous outdoor affair on a perfect day at the beach. Just beautiful—but I digress. At the reception, when the MC called for the women to gather for the bouquet toss, I was glued to my seat. Even after being asked several times to get up—by the bride no less-- I refused. I didn’t even want to chance catching the thing or going through the effort of backing away and letting it hit the floor.

I’m terrified of marriage.* TERRIFIED!


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