I *Heart* DC

I’m in a loving mood. Can you tell? The last three of four blogs have been about me *heart*ing something. I could write a million blogs based on my experiences and observations this weekend. On that list would be:1) A man (finally) committing what appears to be a Grand Gesture. Remember how I was wondering why I’m not inspiring any random acts of interest? Only to realize that a gesture is only that and if it’s not followed up by anything more, then it’s theoretically a nice thing to blog about but it’s another all-description writing excercise with no plot and no point, so why write about it? *Sigh* I'm flattered. Beyond flattered really. But I gotta be more careful with what I ask for.2) Realizing I’m officially an “Industry Chick.” The idea of partying on a weekend baffles me. The idea of paying to get into a party (I refuse) and then paying for drinks and me getting dolled up in a good dress to walk around a packed room where drinks will be spilled on said dress and its accompanying shoes and my feet will kill me by the end of the night and it’s too dark and too crowded in a room for anyone to really check for the details of my outfit, leaves me overwhelmingly confused. (I realize how arrogant that last sentence sounds. Forgive me, I think I was Kanye-ified at the concert. I’ll be back to normal tomorrow)

3) Discovering that I still love Mr. Ex. Driving home from the club Saturday night (It was a great party, but I was so miserable I left early), it occured to me that whether he loves me or not, he can’t be what I need him to. It’s just not in him to be... at least not for me. And that’s okay. I think there was a part of me that thought when we started speaking again after such a long time that maybe things might be much different this time around. They won’t be. I’m still me and he’s still him. And as much as I might want it to, it just won't work. I'm not even sad about it.(I’ll actually blog this one when I have more clarity of the situation.)

One of the highlights of my weekend (beyond Kanye-- shout out to D @ Absolut 100):

4) Understanding why it pays to be patient.