Miami, FL

December 6 -7, 2015

Hands down, Wynwood is my favorite part of Miami. And it's half the reason I hopped on a last minute flight for Art Basel.  I love street art. For the art, obviously, and because it’s free. 99 and always available to view. 

That said, I didn’t make it to Wynwood (other than to hit up parties) until the fourth day of my trip. There were torrential downpours across the city until then, and Sunday was the first sunny day, ideal for walking around with my camera and capturing the sites. Unfortunately, thousands of other people had the same idea. (Also, Sunday, in general, is Wynwood’s most popular day).  After grabbing a very late lunch in Wynwood Block, I walked around for hours until it was time to head back to my AirBNB on the beach to rest up and change for the night’s festivities. I headed back the following morning for another ‘round and got some great shots… until it started to pour. Again. 

Images provided by Demetria Lucas D'Oyley. All rights reserved.