Power 0309: Who's the Captain Now?

Gah! I almost forgot about Power this week. Between gagging over Narcos and gushing over Queen Sugar, I met my personal good TV quotient for the week. But here we are… and it is good!

Tommy and Ghost are meeting in Ghost’s office at Truth. Ghost is thinking about the previous night when he called Tommy, got sent to voicemail and watched Tommy go into Milan’s warehouse. Tommy, of course, is oblivious to this. But he has an update for Ghost: the collections are looking good, except from Ruiz. Ghost says Ruiz is nothing to worry about. Tommy says he’ll talk to Ruiz who called him last night. Ghost is in his feelings because Tommy didn’t call him back. “What? You fell in a good piece of p---y?” he asks.

LOL. These writers.

Tommy says he went by Milan’s warehouse to check out the designer drugs. Nothing special. He leaves out that he had a sit down with Milan’s team where Milan introduced him as “one of us now.”

Ghost says he and Tommy should communicate more. Tommy starts by asking about Angela and Lobos and if she’s STFU. Ghost says he gave her some info and she can figure out what to do with it because she’s smart.

Tommy: She ain’t that f---in smart or she never would have gotten mixed up with you in the first place.


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Lawd. We got another great hour from Cousin Courtney & Friends. Not as dramatic as last week, but nothing may ever be that dramatic again, and really, we can’t take that intensity every week. We needed to cool down, but this episode definitely wasn’t that. We got the Lobos heist and then the drawn out killing, and the emotional torture this week was on 10. I don’t condone domestic violence, but if Angie and/or Tasha had slapped the sh—out Jamie the way Tommy slapped Holly last week, I would not have been mad. He over-deserved it

Ugh! I’m so mad at Jamie right now. Sorry. Can’t let it go.

Let’s get into the details of this week’s drama:

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