Lawd. We got another great hour from Cousin Courtney & Friends. Not as dramatic as last week, but nothing may ever be that dramatic again, and really, we can’t take that intensity every week. We needed to cool down, but this episode definitely wasn’t that. We got the Lobos heist and then the drawn out killing, and the emotional torture this week was on 10. I don’t condone domestic violence, but if Angie and/or Tasha had slapped the sh— out of Jamie the way Tommy slapped Holly last week, I would not have been mad. He over-deserved it.

Ugh! I’m so mad at Jamie right now. Sorry. Can’t let it go.

Let’s get into the details of this week’s drama:

It’s the morning after Tommy choked out Holly, and then Ghost buried her somewhere on the edge of the city. Tommy couldn’t bring himself to go back into the apartment, and I can’t blame him. I wouldn’t go back to the scene of the crime either. Now me? I would have checked myself into a nice hotel. What’s the use of stacking all that good drug money if you’re not spending it, especially when you need it? But Tommy ain’t me, and he’s not thinking straight given the dire circumstances.  He slept in his car in front of the house.

Ghost walks up on Tommy, who is knocked out, and convinces him to go upstairs. Tommy really ain’t tying to go inside his loft, but eventually crosses the threshold. The men have work to do, ie, figure out how to kill Lobos.

At the Feds office, well, the Feds are trying to figure out how to transport Lobos. The Black guy, Donovan,  suggests an armored tank, which sounds like a good idea. Mike shoots that down. Lobos will be moved to DC in a civilian vehicle, an undercover van modified for transport. And he’ll wear a GPS tracker the whole time. Agent Knox aka Greg will handle it.

After the meeting, Angela pops in to see Mike. They’ll set up monitors at the office to, well, monitor the transport. Angela’s excited. “After we transfer Lobos to DC, this will be all behind us,” she says. Ma’am, do you know what show you’re on? It’s never that simple. The sign that it won’t ever go away, is you naively thinking outloud that it will.

At Tommy’s, the guys plot out how to kill Lobos. The catch? They have to be off their phones all day and they need alibis in case this hit ever comes back to haunt them. Ghost says he’s going to stay at Karen’s as a cover. Tommy’s confused. “You got a side b---h on your side b---h?” LOL. No, Karen as in Blondie who owns a luxury hotel chain. He’s staying at Karen’s hotel.

There’s a knock at the door. 50 million or I’mma quit that it’s not Holly. It’s our girl Tasha, who is surprised to see Tommy and Ghost are besties again. She’s been trying to reach Holly all morning. Uh. I don’t think she’s getting back to you, Bae. Tommy fills Tasha in on the plan, and they pull her into the cover up plan.

Back at the club, the head of security approaches Ghost to basically ask, “dude, WTF?” about the Jamaicans trying to kill him last night. Ghost is ungrateful as f---, telling him that he told them not to follow him and this time he means it. What he should be doing is offering this man and his team raises. I mean, professional life saving should be expensive.  Ghost says he has a plan to protect himself that he won’t be sharing with the security dude. Their “meeting” is wrapping when Blondie shows up for her  scheduled meeting. Jamie pitches her on coming to the hotel. It sounds like he’s hitting on her, right? She’s down. Also, I don’t understand why she had to come from wherever she did for this face-to-face. This could have been done via email or text. I hate when people schedule unnecessary meetings.  

Tommy and Ghost are back at the St. Patrick House still discussing the grand plan for Lobos. Tommy has decided to use his mother as his alibi. Tasha’s confused. Why not Holly? Um. She dead. But Tasha doesn’t know that. Ghost says they broke up. Tasha suspects it’s because Tommy flipped when Holly said she was pregnant. The look on Ghost’s face? OMG! Tasha feels bad because she told Holly to tell him.

Ghost asks Tasha if Tommy can crash for the night. Uh… He should tell her not to mention the baby to Tommy. But he doesn’t. He dips for the elevator. Before the doors close, Tasha reminds him, “Usual sh--, Ghost. Leaving me with the mess.”

Jamie is at Angie’s packing his clothes in the kitchen when Angie arrives from work. He asks her to come to the hotel with him knowing she won’t be able to because she has a “big day” at work. You know, with the Lobos transport that she doesn’t mention.

Ghost says when the deal with Blondie happens that they will jet set all over the world, and Angie will be his General Counsel, which Angie has no experience in. He says they’ll be in the clubs all night, and sleep and f--- all day.  These two are living in a fairytale, like teenagers dreaming of adulthood. They have sex—surprise, surprise—on the table. For the first time in a long while, I’m actually moved. I’m usually “Meh” about their sex scenes. When Jamie climbed on the table at the end, I shuddered.

Jamie and Tasha pull up to Karen’s hotel, which is known to New Yorkers as Oheka Castle. (I did a photoshoot there once. Ha!) They’re acting like husband and wife for their stay, which technically they still are. They’re not even legally separated yet.

Somewhere across town, Tommy and some of Lobos’s soldiers are prepping to free Lobos. Tommy decides they’re morons, which when you think about it, says an awful lot about them.

Lobos and Greg are in the van and Lobos is in his full on crazy asking Greg if he can massage his calves. I laughed, but Greg was unamused. The van rounds a bend in the road and the truck hits a spiked track in the road. There’s a prisoner escape in progress. After a nice shoot out scene where all the Feds get killed, except Greg who is moaning on the ground watching everyone’s feet, Lobos is taken alive.

Tommy’s driving the getaway car with a henchman in the passenger seat and Lobos in the back. He parks under an overpass under the guise of getting rid of the air trail. Ghost pops up, kills the friend in the passenger seat. Tommy asks, Lobos if he really thought Tommy didn’t know that he was going to kill Tommy after Tommy helped him escape.

Angela, who earn the audio of the heist along with the other Feds,  is shook about Lobos’s escape and pops into her office to text Jamie. She doesn’t know what to say, but is mindful not to say anything incriminating. Jamie —or er, Tasha—  immediately responds. Tasha is so over this sh—t. After the third text, Tasha says, “Seriously b---h, ain’t you got a job?”

Pause. Ghost got his wife texting his side chick? Really? 

Tasha calls downstairs for a shoe shine for Ghost. While getting the shoes from a bag, she finds the separation papers Ghost had drawn up. Lawd. Why would he bring those? You were going to use the woman as your alibi, then hit her with the separation papers after? Seriously?

Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere, near some water, Ghost and Tommy are about to kill Lobos, who will not shut up. He’s trying to talk Ghost and Tommy out of killing him and it’s working. He says there are people waiting on him. It’s gonna be a problem if he doesn’t show up. His guys may even go after Angela. Jamie says they have to call of the hit because of Angie. Tommy ain’t trying to hear it. He says Ghost should have killed Angie a long time ago.

Sax swings by Angie’s office to check on her. She is really messed up over Greg, who magically appears  at the office. Surprise! He ain’t dead.  During his medical once-over, Greg says the Feds have a leak. Mike tries to talk around it, but Greg insists. Donovan, who Greg seems to trust, jumps in to calm Greg. I’ve been trying to figure out where I’ve seen “Donovan” before on TV. He looks like Pam’s ex-boyfriend “Slide” on The Cosby Show. But it’s a different actor. Womp.

Jamie and Tommy are walking Lobos to a hole where they intend to bury his body when Lobos’s phone rings. It’s Fed Mike calling, but they smash the phone without looking. Jamie says whoever has the number could trace the cell tower and locate them, which is exactly what Mike does when Lobos doesn’t answer. Tommy says they have to abort the mission and go. Ghost says no. They argue and Lobos runs off into woods. Ugh. These two geniuses.

They chase after Lobos until nightfall and decide to split up. Predictably, Lobos pounces on Jamie and they fight. And finally, after being out all dang day, Jamie finally shoots Lobos in the chest (over Tommy’s objections). We could have done this hours ago, gentleman. Better late than never, I suppose.

Lobos is dead. I will miss him. He was absolutely batch— but fun to watch. Jamie says they won’t bury the body. Instead, the vultures can have at him.

At a safe house somewhere, Jamie and Tommy are getting cleaned up and changing out of their killer clothes. Ghost says “we’re finally f--king free”. He's excited for a fresh start. Tommy notes he doesn’t have anything/one to start over with now that Holly is gone.  He’s quite unexcited about being out of the game forreal.

Back at the hotel, Tasha is still chillin hard when Ghost comes back. She hands him his phone, noting that Angie is “hooked on you” because she’s been texting all day. Jamie reads over the messages and notices Tasha sounds just like him. Um, she knows you pretty well. Been around for over a decade and like, is stillllll married to you. Ghost says he has to call Angie because they don’t go to sleep without talking. But Tasha’s got some news first. Her mom is watching the kids at the house and Tarik tried to sneak out. When he got caught, he talked back.

Tarik must have a death wish. We’ve met Tasha’s mama. She is not to be played with. We are all worried about Kanan catching up with Tarik, and we need to be worried about Tasha’s mama. Jamie says Tarik is acting up because he isn’t there. Tasha says, no, it’s because she isn’t there. “Your sh—is slipping and it’s taking me out at the knees,” Tasha says.

Jamie has the balls of life. He doesn’t even excuse himself to the bathroom to call Angie. It’s a brief call where they both lie about their day and ends with him saying “I love you, Angie!” right in front of Tasha.

Bruh! I know you out the house and Angie’s no secret. But this ain’t the life Tasha wanted and she has feelings. Dis tew much.

Tasha applauds after he hangs up. “Is it always that easy to lie to someone you love?” she asks. Ghost says it’s part of the plan. Tasha has had enough. She reaches for the separation papers. She reminds Ghost that she gets half if he leaves her. He says he’s good with that because the money if primarily for the kids. Because Tasha is always good for a reality check, she asks Ghost, “you really think killing Lobos is gonna make your dirt disappear? You think if she finds out you did this she’s going to cover for you?” Ghost says there’s no way that will happen. Angie would only know if Tasha told, and Tasha wouldn’t tell because she’s an accomplice.

Tasha hands him the papers already signed, and hops in the bed unbothered.  Ghost was funny. He thought he was sleeping comfy in the bed too. No, such!  He dramatically snatches the blanket and makes himself comfy on the couch.

Because Tommy is having some sort of PTSD after killing Holly, he drives to where Ghost buried her body to give her his mother’s ring back. Please tell me he didn’t leave it there.

The next morning, James meets with Karen and her dad at the hotel restaurant. Tasha has to dip tho. She gotta see’bout ‘dem babies.

At The Fed building, Greg is convinced that someone in the office gave them up. Greg thinks it’s Angie. Sax says Angela was “practically crying like a human woman… It looked pretty real to me.” He suggests that Greg try to holler at Angie again.

At Truth, James has called in the security guys to fire them. But that’s not going to happen. Security dude says, “you finally killed Lobos.” A statement, not a question. Wait. What?

Turns out that the security dude is Milan The Serb, who is allegedly a cannibal, and he’s the one who left the bloody card for Jamie at the end of last season. To make a long story short, Jamie once messed up his money and now Milan is here to make Ghost run him his money. Milan is putting him back to work as a drug dealer. 

Ghost goes to fill Tommy in what just happened at the cl. Tommy is like, “and he’s been working for you this whole time?” He can’t believe Ghost is this dumb either. Tommy says he isn’t emotionally prepared to deal with another psychopath after Lobos. Ghost says they should kill  Milan. Tommy points out that they know nothing about the man and his network.

Ghost says he has to go back to hustling. Tommy wants to know how he’s going to pull that off living with Angie every day and lying all the time. A question that needs an answer. But then again, is that really so much different than what’s going on now? Their relationship is based on half-truths, omissions and fantasies. 

Tommy says the real problem is that Angie is Ghost’s soft spot. He works through the scenarios involving Angie. His best is that Ghost “take out” Angie.

Geezus, Tommy. I know you’ve been drunk the whole episode and I know why you’re drinking, but really, B? Is murder the solution to all domestic issues now? Ghost says he’ll handle it.

Ghost makes it to Angie’s and she’s like a little kid, exclaiming “finally, you’re home!” She wants to daydream and sh—, asking Ghost to talk to her about them flying around the world.

Ghost says that’s not going to happen. Angie thinks the deal didn’t go through with Karen. But uh, no, boo, Ghost is dumping you. He blames it on a need to put the kids first. He says separating from Tasha was a mistake. Angie says she knows that he loves her and this doesn’t make sense. Ghost says Tarik running away—which he didn’t—made him realize he has to deal in the real world, not the fantasy world.

Oh, God. This is brutal. “Do you really trust your 15 year old self to make decisions from the rest of your life?” Ghost asks Angie. Bam! Bam! Those were body blows.

Ghost walks to the door and Angie says she knows there’s something he isn’t telling her. She tries a Hail Mary telling him she loves him. He says “I know” and leaves.

My god, man! You ain’t have to uppercut that lady like that. Side pieces have feelings too.

From the hallway, Jamie can hear Angie's primal sobbing. He stands by the door, nearly breaks down himself, and seems to contemplate going inside. But just like that, our Master of Disguised Emotions composes himself, literally shaking off his feelings and he’s back to his stoic self. He really does love Angie, or better, he liked the fairytale life he imagined with her in it. But now it’s back to life, back to reality.


Something tells me that once Angie pulls herself together, she’s going to seek some kind of revenge on him for appearing to use her to get the Feds off him. 

I also wonder where Ghost is going? He’s going back to hotel living? I’m not sure Tasha is letting him back in the house at this point. Maybe for the kids, but to share a bed? I can’t see that. Not after the way he’s trampled on her feelings, especially this episode.

I guess we’ll find out next week.