Power 0309: Who's the Captain Now?

Gah! I almost forgot about Power this week. Between gagging over Narcos and gushing over Queen Sugar, I met my personal good-TV quotient. But here we are… 

Tommy and Ghost are meeting in Ghost’s office at Truth. Ghost is thinking about the previous night when he called Tommy, got sent to voicemail and watched Tommy go into Milan’s warehouse. Tommy, of course, is oblivious to this. But he has an update for Ghost: the collections are looking good, except from Ruiz. Ghost says Ruiz is nothing to worry about. Tommy says he’ll talk to Ruiz who called him last night. Ghost is in his feelings because Tommy didn’t call him back. “What? You fell in a good piece of p---y?” he asks.

LOL. These writers.

Tommy says he went by Milan’s warehouse to check out the designer drugs. Nothing special. He leaves out that he had a sit down with Milan’s team where Milan introduced him as “one of us now.”

Ghost says he and Tommy should communicate more. Tommy starts by asking about Angela and Lobos and if she’s STFU. Ghost says he gave her some info and she can figure out what to do with it because she’s smart.

Tommy: She ain’t that f---in smart or she never would have gotten mixed up with you in the first place.


Across town, Angela is at work, looking at the phone Ghost gave her. There’s only one number in the phone, so she calls it.

In an office down the hall, Mike’s phone rings. But that’s not Angie calling. It’s Hugo, saying they need to meet. Mike closes the curtains and the blinds and calls… the phone Angie has! Hold up! Hugo is dead. Who is texting?

Angie’s shocked when the phone rings. She answers and doesn’t say anything. But they both here the noise from a helicopter flying over the building. They realize that both phones are in the office! Mike hangs up first.


In Long Island, Kate gets a visit from Greg and his friend in the Eastern District. The friend makes small talk with Kate to distract her while Greg searches all thru the living room. Kate’s talking about the pizza Tommy bought on the day Lobos was killed. She has a receipt and says it was paid for with a credit card. How they pulled this one off, I have no idea. Eastern District is pissed that Greg dragged him out on this conspiracy theory about Ghost and Tommy killing Lobos. Eastern District says it’s time to go. On their way out, Greg spots Angela’s card in Kate’s trashcan.


It’s Career Day at Tarik and Reina’s school, which Tasha is overseeing. She’s directing some workers on where to put the banner when she gets a call from a beautician at Keisha’s shop. Keisha didn’t show up for work and she’s not answering her phone. The last time we saw Keisha, she was heading to the back of her shop and then Tommy walked in her salon… because they never lock the doors. What did Tommy say to her? Or better, what did he do? Tasha says she’ll track her down.

At the St. Patrick’s residence, Andre aka The New Sean is there to see Tarik. He wants to know where he was the other day. Tarik explains he was with Kanan, who took him to the Old Neighborhood. Dre warns him to be careful with “Slim” and that Andre is his friend first. 


At work, Angela is walking to the bathroom when Greg fills her in that they’re all about to be cleared “of this MJ bullsh—“, referring to the investigation. Someone did a search for Lobos in the prison system after they told everyone Lobos was dead. MJ is trying to find the source of the search.


Uptown, Tommy is visiting Ruiz at the boxing gym. Ruiz hands over a light bag of cash. He’s not paying for something he doesn’t believe in. Ruiz says to bring Milan up to the gym and they’ll have a talk. Tommy thinks he’s crazy.

Ghost is sitting in an outdoor park in Manhattan when he gets a text that Ruiz has completed his part of the plan. Angie pops up and she has questions, like who did Jamie tell that Lobos was alive. He says no one. Angie tells him what Sax said about the search. Jamie says he’s protected legally. Angie deduces he told his lawyer, Turtle. Angela says there’s a straight line from Proctor to her. Jamie says no one can prove that and they’re good. He tells her that Greg went to Kate’s house and she held up. Jamie wants to know if she can trust Greg. She says their situation is none of their business. In other news, she’s doing what she can with the burner phone. Angie walks off and texts someone.


Greg is at home, pouring wine for Angie. I guess that’s who she texted. She starts talking about the video of Jamie at the hotel, and asks Greg if he still thinks Tommy was one of the killers. Greg lies and says no, because he saw Kate and she said about what he expected. He says his pursuit of Tommy and James is done, but he and Angie will keep working together to clear their names. They kiss. I throw up in my mouth a bit.


James is at the office when Cantos shows up. He’s working with the competition, the guys who stole Karen back from Jamie. Cantos wants Stern’s guest list back and thinks Ghost should give it to him because Cantos knows a lot about him and never said anything. Ghost says he can have it.

It’s night-night at Greg’s apartment, and he gets up to dig through Angie’s purse while she sleeps. He wants the serial number from her phone. For suspense, Angie wakes u pand comes to the living room to find Greg… coming from the kitchen with a glass of water. She was worried that he left. Greg comforts her and says he’s “right here.”


Tommy’s at the warehouse. He’s telling Milan that Ghost asked where he was and that Ghost wants to be involved. Milan ain’t feeling that and he tells Tommy that Ghost was following him. Milan points out that Ghost is putting Tommy’s potential with Milan’s business in jeopardy by trying to get out. Tommy says Ghost is in-step with Milan’s vision. Milan says he will hold Tommy accountable for Ghost from now on.


At Truth, Tommy pops up to tell Ghost that Milan knows that Ghost followed him to the warehouse. Ghost says Tommy doesn’t understand. Tommy cuts him off to inform him that Milan said he was going to kill Tommy if Ghost doesn’t back off. “Are you willing to risk my life to get yourself out?” he yells. “I chose you over Holly. This time MF, you need to choose me.” Was that a threat? Ghost says he does choose Tommy and will leave alone whatever he has going on.

Ghost says Ruiz hit him up about the money and Tommy should set up a face-to-face between Ruiz and Milan to get Ruiz on board. And Tommy should run point on this one. Tommy’s skeptical, but says OK.

At a bar in, I assume Queens, Andre meets up with Kanan to fill him in on Ghost’s new hustle. Kanan says he wants no parts of Ghost or the hustle as long as the Serb is involved. Oh, and Tarik told him about Dre’s warning. Kanan says if he was going to kill Tarik, he would have done it already. And he’ll tell Dre what he’s up to when he wants him to know. And in that order! He adds that he knows Dre wants to tell Ghost but Ghost will be pissed when he learns that Dre knew Kanan was alive, and in town, and has been hanging out with Tarik and Dre never said anything. He has a point, but Dre should still say something. He waves Dre off like he’s a fly.


Ruiz in a bathroom when he comes out to find Greg waiting for him. Ruiz says he has some information for Greg, something bigger than Ghost. Greg will have him wear a recorder behind the collar of his jacket when he goes to meet with Milan. Greg reminds him that he wants St. Patrick.


Tommy walks out of his building to find Dre waiting for him. He wants Tommy to check on Tarik. Tommy says he will because Tarik is family, but Dre is not. Dre tells Tommy that he’s the  one that told Ghost about the Koreans putting out a hit on him. Dre says he’s not there to step on toes, he just wants to be down. Tommy dismisses him.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 12.29.16 AM.png

At the school, Career Day is in full swing. Oh! There’s Reina! That’s a beautiful child. Ugh! And it’s Ghost’s turn at the “stage.” James gives a great speech that includes the importance of family. He says running the club took him away from his family. Tasha is moved, nearly to tears. Tarik pulls out his phone to text Kanan.

After the event wraps, Tasha and Ghost meet in the hallway. He’s distracted when Ruiz calls with an update. He wants Ghost to know that Knox wants St. Patrick mentioned on tape, which Ghost says can’t happen.


Greg is walking down the street with his Eastern District connect. He cross checks a phone number and wants to know where the burner phone was purchased.


Kanan and Tarik walk into a sneaker store.  Tarik, whose father is a millionaire, steals a pair of Jordans to show how down he is. Gah! Kanan is manipulating him so well. And Tarik has no clue as to what’s going on. How is he going to explain the shoes? Tasha will notice. Does he have a card? And Tasha is the type of mama to check it.  I swear, if Cousin Courtney lets something bad happen to this child, I will…. Type real hard and in all caps, and then tune in next week. LOL.


Cantos is at the new club with Karen and the hipster owners when Jamie pops up. He promised Stern’s guest list. He’s there when there’s a NYPD bust. And as expected, the cops find drugs. Karen is mortified. James says there’s always a silver lining. He pulls out an invite to a black tie event at Truth in a few days and she should come as his guest.

Cantos shows up all "WTF?" and Jamie does keep his word and give Cantos Stern’s guest list. But now there’s no club, so….

The Ruiz-Milan meet is happening at Milan’s warehouse, it seems. Tommy pats down Ruiz, and hesitates.  Milan notices and asks if there’s a problem Tommy pulls cigars out of Ruiz’s inner pocket. Party favors!


At the house, Tasha is still trying to reach Keisha. Ghost walks in like he lives there and is surprised Tasha is up. He updates her that he got his competition out the way. Tasha tells him that she was wrong about not believing in his vision for the club. Gah! If she said this in season 1, episode her husband wouldn't have left.  She wonders about what he said about family during the presentation. “You mean it?” she asks. Ghost says he did, “every single word.” She thanks Ghost from protecting his family from Milan. Ghost says he will always protect her and the kids.

It’s an emotionally intense moment and Tasha’s not trying to play herself, so she gets up to leave. Ghost snatches her up and plants a kiss on her

Oh, My. God. They’re f—ing. I saw this coming, but I didn’t think it was coming, if that makes sense. Tasha is so emotional during sex. The both are. They like this. A lot. Also, Nauturi’s boobs are amazing.

After, Tasha looks bewildered and Ghost looks so peaceful. He gets a text and seems disappointed at the message. Tasha asks who he wanted it to be. He says the night is going to get better: Ruiz is going to take down Milan. Tasha doesn’t think he can trust Ruiz.

Ghost wants a Round 2 while he waits. Tasha suggests that he go. She’s worried about what the kids will think in the morning and see Ghost in the bed. “It ain’t like we’re getting back together… is it?” she asks. Ghost says she’s probably right and he should go. Tasha looks disappointed.

At the warehouse, Tommy gets a call from Tasha that Ghost is going to take out Milan. Tasha tells Tommy to find out what’s going on and stop it to protect her and the kids. Tommy hangs up and tells Ruiz’s number two to bounce. He’ll give Ruiz a ride home.


At the office, Mike gets a visit from Sax who has the death certificate for Hugo, Lobos’s helper. Sax says that he was communicating with someone in the office and they should find out where he was staying to learn more info. Mike says he will do it and sends Sax home.

Back at the warehouse, Tommy is waiting for the meeting to finish. He offers to give Ruiz a ride.

In the car, Tommy asks Ruiz if he knows what it’s like to be betrayed. He’s venting about Ghost. Tommy is chatting too damn much while Ruiz is wearing the wire, admitting to being a drug dealer, him and Ghost killing Lobos. There’s a problem with the engine so they pull over in an abandoned area. Ruiz is skeptical until Tommy asks for a flashlight and Ruiz reaches into the glove box and sees Tommy’s gun. Tommy stabs Ruiz when he brings the light. 

Dre pulls up in a car, and they move Ruiz’s body into the driver’s seat.

All of this is on tape. Tape that is on a dead body that the police will eventually find and listen to.


Mike is searching through an apartment. I assume Hugo’s. He finds a picture of Mike and his daughter.

Greg pulls up to a bodega and sees Mike walking out of an apartment and pulling off in his car. Greg realizes it’s Hugo’s building. Hold up. So Greg just happens to be there. No! He got the address for the bodega where the phone was purchased and the guy lived next door! Outloud, Greg says, “Mike, WTF?”

Jamie swings by Truth to find Tommy inside. Tommy tells Ghost he knows he had a plan and that Ruiz told him about it right before Tommy stabbed him. Ghost looks shocked. He asks where the body is. He’s thinking about that recorder.  Tommy is pissed that Ghost lied to him about making a move on Milan. Ghost says he didn’t want Tommy involved. But he’s not apologizing. Ghost says, “I want out. And I’m never gonna stop. Never. Until I get out… it is what it is.”

Tommy’s pissed. He says a Milan plan needs to be about them both. Tommy says he will handle Milan and he will call the shots and come up with a plan. And he’ll call Ghost in the morning. The power in their partnership has switched.

He leaves and heads straight to Milan. He says they need to kill Ghost.

Wait... WHAT?!?!?!?!!