The Shops at Columbus Circle 

New York, NY

December 16, 2015 

I’m like a small child when it comes to bright lights and glittering objects, so after a quick visit to the Museum of Art and Design, I swung by The Shops at Columbus Circle specifically to see their holiday light display. So simple, so magical. 

Because this is New York, and (nearly) everything wonderful most be monetized somehow, the best views of the lights require you to sit at a restaurant (i.e., pay). The one exception is the first floor viewing gallery and requires a MasterCard to enter. Luckily, I have one. It's a little resting area of sorts for over burdened shoppers. They’ll make you coffee, hold your coat and extra bags while you shop, and charge your phone. Oh, and they have gifts! Mine was a $50 gift certificate to H&M. Ha! 

Images provided by Demetria Lucas D'Oyley. All rights reserved.