Saks Fifth Avenue




November 24, 2015

I made the trek over to Saks Fifth Avenue well after hours (2AM) to check out, “The Winter Palace”, the department store's opulence vs. everything approach to the season.

I was trying to explain to Husband-- who would not get out of the car (and only tagged along because “you're crazy"/security) the gist of what’s happening here:  

Me: "Remember in Boomerang, when Eddie Murphy was lovesick and he turned over the perfume campaign to the art director and then Strange' had a perfume baby?" 

Him: “WHAT?” 

Me: “So, yeah. That's like what happened with Saks window. Someone gave up and let the biggest Beyoncé fan ever run wild with a huge budget, and gave one stipulation: all white everything. This is the result." 

The Saks window is like one gigantic Beyoncé video. Or like a drag ball. Same thing. When I was taking pics, I kept thinking, "for the GAWDS, Hunty. Old and new."

“The Winter Palace” will be on display thru December. 

Images provided by Demetria Lucas D'Oyley.  All rights reserved.