National Cathedral 

Washington, DC 

November 29, 2015

 I spent 15 years living in the DMV and never once made it to the National Cathedral (currently under construction). It’s been on my bucket list forever. So on a dreary Sunday I made it over— not for church, but during the 90 minute window they do tours between services on the Sabbath. 

I overheard a tour guide explaining that the concept of the cathedral was to be visual. It was built (year) at time when the literacy rate wasn’t as high, so the stained class windows and relief sculptures tell the story of creation and American history. For instance, she pointed to the circular blue window and explained that it’s the story of creation. The white in the center represents the bright beginning, and the blue is the world that emerged from it. 

The cathedral offers traditional tours (free), but if you want to maximize the experience, take the High Tea Tour ($30) on Tuesday or Wednesday. The 75 minute tour is followed by scones in the Pilgrim Observation Gallery on he seventh floor, which offers scenic views of Washington DC. 

For more information: National Cathedral.  

Images provided by Demetria Lucas D'Oyley. All rights reserved.