Katsuyo Aoki


December 16, 2015

Katsuyo Aoki is one of 12 artists included in the Museum of Arts and Design’s current exhibition “Japanese Kogei Future Forward”.  (Roughly translated, Kogei means “artisian crafts”. Inspired by Japanese horror subculture, she creates porcelain sculptures that are as haunting (and demonic) as they are beautiful.

“Labyrinth” is the horse legs-coming out of the wall. In Greek mythology, the Labyrinth was an elaborate structure to hold the Minotaur, a figure with the head of the bull and the body of the man. I have no clue what this has to do with a horse, or horse legs (that’s definitely a horse, right?). Maybe if I was into Japanese horror, or horror, at all, I would understand this. I’m not a fan of being scared. Gives me nightmares.

Anyway, the skeletons are totally scary, and I love them anyway. Cool, creepy beautiful? What’s your take?

The Japanese Kōgei | Future Forward exhibit will be on display thru February 7, 2016. Check Museum of Arts and Design for more info. 

Images provided by Demetria Lucas D'Oyley. All rights reserved.