Sleepy Hollow, NY



October 30, 2015 

The day before Halloween, Hubs and I headed up to Sleepy Hollow, NY and he was able to hustle up tickets the day of. That’s that Brooklyn in him. 

It was crowded, and cold, and totally worth it. For about 2 hours, ,we walked the enormous, historic Van Cordlandt estate looking at every possible manifestation of pumpkins you could imagine. Pumpkins as clocks, as Jack-in-the-boxes, as clowns, as dinosaurs, dancing pumpkins, snake pumpkins, pumpkins that looked like the light fixtures they sell at Urban Outfitters and in the streets of Marrakech. My favorite was walking through a tunnel of hundreds of pumpkins. (Husband’s favorite was the dinosaurs.) 

If you’re easily sacred, no worries. There’s nothing overtly spooky about the event unless you have a pumpkin phobia. 

The event is closed for the 2015 season, but if you’re interested, begin looking for tickets in September, and buy them immediately. It sells out fast. 

Images provided Demetria Lucas D'Oyley. All rights reserved.