Giraffe Manor 


March 2015

There were 3 rules for interacting with the animals at Giraffe Manor. 

1. Food brings friendship. Never approach a giraffe without food. 

2. Pay attention to the giraffes. They're pretty friendly, but when they want attention and you're not providing it, they may (or may not) head-butt you. They have massive heads. This can be a problem. 

3. Don't worry about the spit. Giraffe saliva is antiseptic because of the food they eat. 

The attendant tells this to me and two friends, then gives us bowls of food. We shake them around and the giraffes show up. Yes, just like that.  . 

They're sweet, and long... and hungry. And they have really long tongues. When  they take food for your hand, the whole thing gets wet. 

It was weird, before it was fun. And then it was awesome. 


Images by Demetria Lucas D'Oyley, except for image of Demetria with giraffes. That image is by Gary Williams.  All rights reserved.