Dead Treez (MAD)

New York, NY 


December 17, 2015

I trekked up to the Museum of Arts and Design (Columbus Circle) to see this exhibition by Ebony G. Patterson. I’m huge Mickalene Thomas fan, and Patterson, with her use of patterns, texture, sequins and other over-the-top embellishment, creates similar art that strikes my cliched fancy. 

The sign next to the “Dead Treez” exhibition says Patterson,  “influenced by Jamaica’s popular yet controversial dancehall culture, explores the paradoxical relationship between traditional gender codes. and the bombastic aesthetics of dancehall pageantry. Meant to present a complex vision of masculinity… the growing influence of male metrosexuality worldwide has encourages a style that incorporates more feminine sensibilities.”

It all reminded me of the (somewhat) recent conversations about rappers who wear blouses (Kanye), women’s jeans (Young Thug) or even dresses (A$AP Rocky). I’m pretty indifferent about what a guy wears— I mean, unless it’s my guy, then I have some thoughts— but the androgyny makes for some interesting looks, and a beautiful exhibit, both the installation and the "photo tapestries". (Ya’ll know how I feel about mixing patterns). 

Dead Treez" is on display until April 3, 2016. Check Museum of Arts and Design for more info. 

Images provided by Demetria Lucas D'Oyley. All rights reserved.