Wonder-full/ "Another Star"

So the date for this year's Wonder-ful party in New York is June 14.* I realize I am informing the masses of this amazing event SIX weeks in advance, but this is ths greatetst party I have ever been too! I mean EVER!!!! (and people ususally look for it to take place in early May.)

I went to the second one at 95 Leonard years ago. Took the train up from D.C. to attend and went with Ace, who was also in town. I was covering it for MIXER magazine (RIP) and it changed up my whole style of dancing. I went from a club/house, hit-the-floor and back-it-up chick to a bonafied two-stepper overnight. I danced in an un-conditioned room till about 3am (HOT!!!), was exhausted by 4 but just couldn't leave. The music was too good and I felt like I would miss something if I left even a moment before the end. By the end, Ace and I were leaning on each other on some stage on an upper floor trying to stay awake and sleepily singing along. (Damn, me and that chick have had some good times!)

Last year, I went with Penelope. I can't give all the details of that night (totally out of character) but it was the greatest. After that, I decided I'd give up being a straight-laced, goodie two platform shoes once a year and get a little reckless. I danced till 3 or so, long past the ache in my legs and woke up sore the next morning from getting my two-step on. It was in a Williamsburg warehouse, at least 2,000 people and I ran into every person I'd ever met in NYC with an ounce of musical taste. Great, great party. If you've never been, go! If you live out of state, it's worth the trip (I think Keistar Productions does them in San Francisco and L.A. too.)

The plan for this year is to round up a mass of 20 people and party our asses off in wife- B's, flip-flops and jeans. We usually wouldn't be caught dead in public in something so understated, but the ocassion calls for it. Wonder-full is no time to be cute. It's about energy and sweat!!!!

I was searching for the date of the event-- usually held around Wonder's birthday, May 13-- when I stumbled across a blog attempting to select his best song. As a testament to the greatness of Wonder's music, the writer noted that no one can name just one. (And, if you can, it changes depending on your mood.)

Today my favorite song is "Nigculela- Es Un Historia." At Tai's party on Wednesday, I broke out my iPod to play "Isn't She Lovely" in honor of the birthday girl. One song drifted to the next and the former came on. I was in a great mood already, but that song (along with "Another Star" - don't lose the irony in that) lifted it, leading me to two-step around the back of the room in circles by myself. This morning, I was craving it again and as I embarked on the day's first adventure-- a walk down Eastern Parkway-- I played it on my iPod. People must have thought me quite a fool, walking down the middle of the sidewalk, singing loud and off-key at 10 o'clock in the morning, but I honestly didn't care. I don't even know what he's staying in the first part of the song (I can read Spanish, speak it, but barely understand what is said or sung to me. I've always assumed Stevie repeats the English version in the second half). I can't remember the last time I was that happy.

In the first draft of this blog, I tried to list my favorite Stevie songs. There were more than 20, most made before I was born, or at best before I turned 10, ie. they are certified classics. The list is too long so I won't bombard you with it.

What are your fav Stevie songs? Or lyrics? (I assume everyone is a Stevie fan. How could you not be?) and WHY?