TV Recap: Power 0208- Everybody Has A Plan

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Lobos is at the pool with an assistant to hold his cigar. Or is dude his BF? Or both? I’m not sure. This is better than Fonzworth holding Diddy’s umbrella though.

The BF/assistant asks how long he’s going to keep "doing this"? Doing what? I’m so confused… until a young man pops up from the water. Um… I don’t think he was down there cleaning “the Royal Penis”. Well, maybe figuratively. Not literally.

A cleaning lady walks in to put towels away. Oh sh—! She’s shooting! She gets the guy not literally cleaning the royal penis. Lobos’s BF/assistant struggles with her until Lobos shoots her a fair one in the dome. The assistant is spattered in blood.

Pause: I’ll give this show credit for its equal opportunity. This is the second lady hitter that we’ve seen. Kudos.

Lobos, who refers to himself in the third person thinks the Jimenez Brothers sent her. “New York is not safe anymore,” says Lobos, who seems drunk or high, maybe both. Or maybe he’s just shook up because he was almost killed. I mean, he is still sitting in the pool with a bloody body in it. I’m concerned about these sanitary conditions. “I’m going to get my money from Ghost and get out.” Something tells me it won’t be that simple.

Oh, and is it me, or was that whole scene like Quentin Tarantino dramatic? Very Kill Bill.

Jamie is at the house with Tasha, who has changed the combination on the safe. He’s giving us sad face because he misses his children. He and Tasha speak discuss the kids like they’re business partners, not husband and wife. This is sad.

Ghost is on his way out the door when Tasha demands to know his plan. She no longer trusts Ghost on “blind faith. Not anymore.” Jamie tells her that Angie isn’t after him, just Lobos. Tasha, who is a G, suggests Jamie kill Lobos and get a new connect. If Lobos is gone, Angie’s investigation goes away, right? Tasha may be on to something. Before Jamie bounces, Tasha has a question. “Angela still doesn’t know about you?” Jamie assures his wife that Angie does not. You sure, bruh?

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Angie meets with her phone guy. With the cloned phone she can see who Jamie calls and read all of his texts. She cannot listen to his calls. The phone guy says only the NSA can do that. Um… and the Baltimore PD. McNulty was doing that in Season 3 of The Wire. Complicated process, but entirely do-able. Anyway, a text comes through that Jamie wants to meet at “the spot”. Is there a GPS tracker on this phone? That would be helpful right about know.

Jamie meets up with Julio who is standing in front of a wall of money that's supposed to go to Lobos. Jesus! How much are these people making?? Tommy walks in and declares it looks like the US Mint. It does, Tommy, doesn’t it?

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Tommy sees Jamie and proceeds to dip. They ain’t really feeling each other right now. In the hallway, Jamie reiterates that he has a plan: give Lobos the money, then go to the hotel and kill him. Tommy ain’t down. If they kill Lobos, who is the connect? I got a better question, what happens to all that money?

Oh, okay. They’re going to take the money back. Jamie says split it, it’s enough, and they get out the life. Tommy says that’s not going to happen. They’re gonna do the deal with Lobos, then go back to business. Tommy walks off and Ghost does that stare off into the distance where we know he’s thinking, but no idea what he’s thinking about. Oh, boy.

Sean is by his Mom’s house, where he apparently lives. Mama ain’t pleased with the hours he’s keeping. Oh, and Dad’s there. Honestly? I think the show is better without Fiddy, but I’m glad to see him after three episodes because I know he’s about to make things messy. Fiddy wants to know what Ghost’s been up to since he’s been gone and tells Sean to find out.

Jamie is on the phone with Lobos aka “Jeffe” who wants to meet. He’ll send an address. Apparently what he sends is “Wait for instructions”. Angela intercepts the text, but doesn’t know what to make of it.

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Apparently there is a GPS tracker on the phone. Angela’s watching Jamie shop in Bally as she talks to him. He lies and says he’s at Truth. As Angela’s peeking through windows, she gets a text from Greg that says they have an address for the Lobos meeting. Meanwhile in the store, Jamie gets called to a meeting with Lobos nearby. Something tells me Greg’s intel is not accurate.

Ghost and Jeffe meet at the Monkey Bar. Jeffe wants Ghost to take on a bigger role in the drug organization. He wants his Mexican cartel to report directly to Jamie… on one condition: Ghost drops Tommy. “He’s dead weight,” Lobos deduces. Ehh… Yes and no. Tommy’s nuts, but he has his merits. I do understand why Jamie keeps him around. Jamie says he’ll roll around the suggestion and get back to him when he delivers the money.

When Jamie leaves, Lobos’s partner slides into the booth. Lobos is not happy that Jamie didn’t jump at his offer. “He’s not interested in power or money or anything that I can give him,” Lobos complains. "It means I can’t control him. He’s a liability.” Hmmm. Is that true? Actually, he’s just not interested in it in that world. But hold up. Is Jeffe gonna try to off Jamie?

At the office, Greg and the rest of the task force are discussing where Lobos will meet and cooking up a strategy to bring Lobos in alive.

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Back on the block, Fiddy, who is no longer wearing a shearling coat, catches up with Dre. He wants Dre to find out where the Lobos meet is. Dre fills him in on all he missed. Hmm. Dre’s more loyal than I thought. I totally thought he would be out for dolo.

At home, Angie is checking her duplicate phone wondering why there’s been no chatter about the meet between Ghost and anyone else. Ghost knocks on her door unexpectedly. She puts on a great act, pretending to be happy to see him. He comes bearing gifts, from Bally’s!!!  But then he has to return a text. Angie leaves the room to check the dupe phone. Jamie is texting his daughter. Womp. Blah, blah, blah, they have sex. I am so over their sex scenes.

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Tommy and Fiddy meet at a diner where Tommy, of course, yammers too much about the meet up with Lobos, and about Ruiz/Luiz. Kanan offers to go with Tommy to back him up at the drop. Tommy actually makes the right call for once and declines.

In a fancier place across town, Dre rolls up on Jamie. He immediately deduces that Kanan is back and told Dre where he was.  Dre looks nervous. I can’t tell if he’s acting. He asks Ghost if he can work directly for him. Ghost brushes him off. Grrr. I can’t read Dre. I think he’s loyal to Kanan after that incident with his boy in the trunk of the car. But maybe that spooked him and he wants to distance himself?

Julio’s fine self has swung by an office to see Mr. Proctor, who turns out to be “Turtle” from Entourage. I literally yelled “Turtle!” when he opened the door. You know, I still haven’t seen the Entourage movie. How was it?

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Anyway, Turtle owes 12k and isn’t trying to pay up. He hits Julio with the “Ill pay you when I can pay you.” Oh, Turtle, honey, no. You don’t know who you’re f—ing with. This doesn’t end well.

At work, Angie is still intercepting Ghost’s texts. This one is for a meeting at the Carlton hotel the following day. She asks Greg what if the Federales are wrong about the meet up between the connect and Lobos.

Tommy is smoking a blunt in the St. Patrick’s bedroom. I don’t have any friends that are this close and I’m A-OK with that. He wants to talk to Tasha about Ghost’s plan to kill Lobos at the Carlton, which is actually Tasha’s plan. And worse, he wants Tasha to know that Ghost "wants out". They say this as if it is a bad thing. “You don’t think he’s trying to run away with the Fed bitch?” Tasha asks. Tommy says he wouldn’t leave without the kids. Tasha isn’t so sure.

Tasha heads to Truth to surprise Jamie. Her boobs look awesome. Anyway, Tasha wants him to now that she’s on to his plan to run off with Angela and leave her and the kids. We rarely see Ghost lose his cool, but he does here.

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“Did I cheat? Yes!” he says. “But that don’t make me less of a father.” He assures her that he won’t make any moves that affect the kids without filling her in. He sounds like he's lying. She warns him to be careful.

At the house, Sean swings by and is all up on Tasha like the kids ain’t home. She warns him about the meet at the Carlton the following day. She wants him to be careful. See. She talking too much. They can’t finish the conversation as Lala pops by. Tasha and Sean are so awkward. Geez Louise. Lala would have to be an idiot not to know that something is up.

As soon as Sean leaves, “Lala asks the obvious, “so how long ya’ll been f—ing.” She says she’s cool with it, but wants to know how Tasha is sure Ghost won’t find out. Everything about her face says she will be the one to tell Ghost.

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When Sean hits the lobby, Kanan is there waiting for him. He wants to know the same thing La does, “how long you been smashing Tasha?” he asks Sean. “Stevie Wonder could see ya’ll f—ing.” Fiddy thinks Sean is playing himself until Sean reveals there’s a big meeting the next day at the Carlton. Look. This meeting is no secret. EVERYONE knows about it. Geez. Dad is impressed. Then he asks for a play-by-play of his son’s sex life. “I been in jail 10 years. If I can’t get it in person, I want a play-by-play.” The look on his face is so Uncle Denzel.

Somewhere in the Bronx, Luiz/Ruiz is playing cards when Dre walks in with Kanan, who Luiz/Ruiz is none too happy to see him. Kanan drops that there is a meeting tomorrow between Lobos, Ghost and Tommy. Luiz/Ruiz is pissed. Ghost promised him an in on the meeting. Kanan suggests that they, along with the rest of the distributors, approach Lobos on their own. Ruiz/Luiz says what Kanan won’t: cutting out Tommy and Ghost means killing them. He respects Tommy.

Apparently Luiz/Ruiz is down, kinda. In the next scene he’s meeting with Serb. He lays out the plan, but doesn’t want Tommy involved. Ruiz/Luiz tells the Serb that the hit on the Serb’s stash houses wasn’t the Albanians, but Ghost, who originally wanted to kill the Serb. The Serb needs proof of an insurrection. In walk Kanan and Dre, along with “Marlo” from The Wire. The plan is to ambush Jamie at the meeting with Lobos tomorrow and tell them that distributors have banned together to cut out Ghost and Tommy. Karan says that Tommy will take him into the room. Um, will he?

Elsewhere in the city, Jamie is meeting with Mr. Proctor, a lawyer who is paying for his ex wife’s drug habit in exchange for custody of the kids. Um, huh? Anyway, Jamie is retaining his services in order to not reveal that information and have him disbarred. I’m so unclear. Is Proctor a divorce attorney? A defense attorney?

At the office, the plans to ambush the warehouse where the Federales have said the Lobos meet will happen are in full effect. Angela still hasn’t said a word about the meeting at the Carlton. She checks her phone again, then rushes out of the office. Greg attempts to go after her, but can’t get out of the meeting.

At the Carlton, Lobos’s assistant/BF is prepping the room for the next day’s massacre which will involve a machete. These two are comedy. That is, until Lobos gets sick of his BF’s attitude. He yokes him up on the wall and makes it known he is not to be toyed with. Well, all righty then.

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Angie is by Jamie’s hotel, attempting to seduce him. He notes that it’s unlike her to pop up in the middle of the day. They have their sex that I am so sick of seeing. After, Angie is laying on Ghost, looking terrified. She wants them to leave “right now”. Just pick up and run off together. “I just need you” she promises. Jamie tells her that’s in the plans, but he can’t do it today. He has a meeting a Truth. She says she understands. When he leaves, she follows his car.

Angie is going through it. I imagine scared of facing her moment of truth, finding out for sure who Jamie is, and choosing between her job and the man she loves.

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The job wins out. She calls Greg and tells him that she saw “the distributor” going into the meeting with Lobos. She doesn’t say Ghost. Then she sends Greg a picture of Tommy arriving at the Carlton. She won’t give up her source. As Tommy is walking in the building, he looks toward Angie's car and she drives across the front seat. Hmmm. 

Greg and the entire FBI team arrive at the Carlton hotel preparing to take Room 540, where the meet is taking place. They ram the door. Shots are fired. Angela is downstairs looking terrified. The target is secure. Evil Boss congratulates Angela who looks miserable.

The team comes downstairs with Lobos in cuffs, and Tommy. There’s another body on the stretcher. Could it be…?!?! Nope. No Ghost in sight.

Fiddy watches it all from across the street.

Angie calls Ghost and gives him her “I’m mad" voice. “Jamie. Where. Are. You?” she demands.

Actually, he’s watching you from the window in the hotel. Look up.

Somewhere in Queens, Sean storms into the diner where Dre is always at to confront his father. “Did you do this? Did you get Tommy arrested?” he demands. Fiddy denies going to the cops. He wouldn’t do that. He’s not Ghost. He tells Sean that he knows Ghost set him up to go to jail.  “All them years we ain’t been together was  your Uncle G’s doing,” he tells Sean.  Dre, who is watching all this while sweeping, pipes in that Ghost is going to get “street justice” for his crime. Whose side is this kid on? I’m so confused.

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Kanan says he can’t do it because Ghost will see him coming a mile away. Sean points out that Dre can’t do it because Ghost doesn’t trust him. Kanan says Ghost is the only thing standing in the way of Sean and Tasha being together. He say this in front of Dre, who I’m not sure can be trusted. Sean knows Ghost trusts him, so Sean aka “I-only-pulled-a-trigger-at-a gun-range range” volunteers.  This doesn’t end well. This young boy is going to get himself killed.

The task force is at the bar celebrating their win, everybody except Angela. As Mike looks on, Greg catches up with her at the bar as she settles her tab. Um… the company or boss couldn’t pick this one up? Anyway, Greg points out that Angie’s source will need to come forward, but that is tomorrow’s issue. The way he looks at her as she walks off lets us know he hasn't forgotten about seeing her with Ghost. He does not trust Angie.

Hold up. Angie never revealed the source? Did the FBI have a warrant to raid that hotel? Before Angie leaves, her colleague gives a toast, noting they’re all about get to raises because of her. Angela gets a text from Jamie as she walks outside. He got a new phone and his business is settled. He is ready to leave with her “tomorrow”. Hold up. WHAT? So he does want to be with Angie? Or he’s just talking ish?

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ARRRGGHHH!!! This man infuriates me. I never know what he is actually thinking, and what he means and what he doesn’t. Like, Angie is off his back now, right? So does he still need to keep her on the hook? Or was he just saying that to screw with her head because he knows she gave him up.

Angie tosses the clone phone to the ground and hops in a cab. A song called “Fuck It All” plays as the credits roll. Is Angie is leaving with him? Or is she going to be out to get him for playing her? But he gave her Lobos, so is she mad?


But no seriously, who is this song by? The soundtrack for this show is so underrated. (EDIT: It's by  Elle Varner. >>LINK<<

 And what did you think of the episode?