The Save for Later Box

''you don't have to save mine for later. I want mines right now.'' -darius lovehall.

I have a save for later box. It's not a friend box (cause you know once you're in that box, there's no getting out.) It's more like a what-i'll-do-when-I grow-up box, but this one only has men in it. I put men in there who are good boyfriend material-- maybe even hubby material if I believed in marriage. The deal is that the timing to date them is just not right or it hasn't aligned for us yet. Maybe they're in a relationship. Maybe they're having their 20-something fun like I am and can't deal or don't have time for a relationship. Maybe I know where my head is right now and what I have the potential to ruin by dealing with them (especially since I just got over Big sometime in late Dec.) so I don't. I put them in the box until the timing is right...

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