The Morning Commute- Part One

Life. It's a funny thing.

I walked down the steps to the train last Friday and I thought, 'how hilarious would it be if I ran into Married Man?''

I hadn't thought about Married Man in a few weeks then. After we first stopped speaking, I was nervous on a daily basis about running into him. He wasn't taking no for an answer very well and I wondered how I would react when I saw him. Furthermore, if he would say or do anything crazy. I mean he seemed like a nice guy, but then I found out damn near everything he said for 2 weeks was a lie. Nice guys aren't habitual liars. That, and it takes a devious and reckless mofo to try to cheat with a woman who lives around the corner from where he lives with his wife and kid.

Anyway, for some reason, I think about him and the hilarity it would be if he was on the subway platform at the same time as me again. Not that I wanted to see him. Just thought it was funny that he was there so often, we stop speaking, and suddenly I never see him again.

I reached the bottom of the steps and who did I see waiting for the train?

God has a sense of humor apparently.

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