The Big Payback

Surely, you've heard this story. When will dudes learn? From the New York Post:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned— and then there's this lady.

A fuming mistress catapulted retribution into a new orbit by plastering the country with billboards that show her nuzzling a married New York business honcho and adviser to President Obama, sources said.

The spurned squeeze, YaVaughnie Wilkins, [41] went nuclear after she learned that Charles E. Phillips, [50] — president of tech conglomerate Oracle and a member of Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board— reconciled with his wife despite his lengthy [8.5 years] affair with Wilkins.

Three signs have popped up in the city, as well as one in Atlanta and one in San Francisco— where Wilkins lives, Phillips owns a home and Oracle's world headquarters are located.

The very public humiliation campaign may have cost Wilkins upward of $250,000, at an estimated $50,000 a pop.

Court records show that Phillips' wife, Karen, filed for divorce in February 2008, but no action has been taken on the filing since that year. The couple recently made up, a source said.

"I had an 8½-year serious relationship with YaVaughnie Wilkins," Charles Phillips said through a spokesman. "The relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended, and we both wish each other well."

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Is this nuts? Or totally brilliant?

There’s the nuts camp.  From a writer who occasionally guests here:

This story doesn't make women look good at all. Geez, I'm embarrassed to have a twat right now. A married man convinced a chick that he was divorced, used his wife for corporate imaging, purchases and furnishes a house for the naive mistress (who for whatever reason didn't get her name on the mortgage even after the SATC movie), doesn't marry her (well because he can't...but she doesn't know that) for eight years, leaves his girlfriend once his wife files for divorce, gets his wife to take him back, and has his ex so strung out that after leaving her homeless she's wasting money advertising their business on billboards in multiple cities and on a websites.

Women are looking real jacked up in this story...real real jacked up. And dude, dude is kinda looking like a superhero - a dick yes, but also a superhero.


And then she added:

This is not a good man. Every woman reading this story knows that. This is too much time wasted on an ain't shit dude.

Some people can't maneuver life without letting their heart lead. I ain't that person. I don't know that struggle...


And then there’s me, who thinks this is totally brilliant. I know, I know, "Living well is the best revenge." But it doesn't have to be the only one. Matters like this? I think need more addressing.*

what? he doesn't look like a superhero. he looks like a messy, trifling mofo who violently deceived women who trusted him— his wife, the mother of his child. AND his girlfriend of EIGHT YEARS.

what kind of nasty, skanky, low level whore of a so-called man does that ish?

i think more than anything this speaks to the perceived sad state of affairs that BW have when it comes to BM options that anybody would consider a fuss over this fool.

i get where chick is coming from. "oh, you will not leave me high and dry and go back to your comfy life. if i suffer, you suffer."

i am the wrong chick to do dirty. leave me? fine. but don't do me dirty. I'm calling [Penelope] and scheming on a big payback. eff that.


And then I added:

my only question: where'd the money come from? if she's got it to spare because he tricked off on her before he bounced, then I'm on board. in fact, high f*cking five!

if she went into debt or will be broke in 5 years, I'm giving her sideeye.

at least she didn't kill him.

when will dudes learn to stop playing with women's feelings? i don't feel sorry for this f*ck AT ALL

this chick's in her early 40s, which means when they met, she was a single BW in her mid-30s. she met a great dude, or so she thought. just spent the last 8.5 years with a dude who broke up with her not b/c they grew apart, but b/c he was married all this time? no kids, no man, no home, and he's gonna discard her and go back to his wife?

he is so, so, so lucky he's not dead. God spared him.




I think this may shed some more light on the story. More information via CNN

Wilkins declined to speak directly to the media, instead fielding requests through her cousin Misha Davila, who told CNN the Web site was created as a gift from Wilkins for Phillips' 50th birthday.

The billboards were an attempt by Wilkins to reclaim her version of her relationship with Phillips among friends and family -- not an act of revenge, Davila said.

By Friday, at least one New York billboard had been removed and the Web site was no longer active. The status of similar billboards in San Francisco was unclear. Two ads in Atlanta have also been removed, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Friday.

Davila said Wilkins refuses to be cast as the "other woman."

According to Davila, Wilkins had been under the impression that Phillips' divorce was finalized in 2003.

"Their relationship was always very public and open. He went to family events, she has traveled with him," Davila said.

But late last summer, Davila said, Wilkins received an anonymous e-mail tip about Phillips' marital status. Hiring a private investigator, she learned that Phillips was still married. She ended her relationship with him in October 2009.


*it's important to note that the "mistress" believed that he divorced his wife back in 2003. She believed herself to be his girlfriend.