Thankful to the End

Wow... 1 comment? So ya'll didn't like Chai & Shai? LOL! Um, ok. They are like two of my favorite people on the planet. Hmmm. Guess there won't be anymore stories about them.

So this is the deal, I have 3 blogs written and ready to go. Problem is, I left my computer in NYC (i'm in DC)-- and hence, I have no blogs with me. I couldn't drag myself away from SSO this morning to post (warm computer vs. warm man. What would you chose?) so I'll throw them up when I get back. Oh, and yes, I know I could have written on the Amtrak on the way down, but I slept from Newark to Bmore, ie-- all but 15 minutes of my trip.

I think I'll write tonight; got a fascinating tale about a married couple (25 years) that lives in seperate states and makes it work. Maybe GVG is on to something with this alternative arrangement thing. I'll write-- that is if I can't get eps of The Wire, Season 4 on my parents' cable. If I can, don't expect a blog anytime before Monday. (Respect my honesty.)

Oh, I did manage to find time for this (it has nothing to do with relationships):

10 Things I am Thankful For (in no particular order)

1. Life. I wake up everyday and think 'what's next?!' My life is random and unpredicatble and fun and exciting. Even in the down times, I wouldn't wish to be anyone else. A room full of non-striking writers couldn't create a script this good (or dramatic).

2. S.O. -- he's the top edit on a good story (only fellow writers would get that one.) In layman's terms, he makes a good life, great.

3. My friends. They are the greatest, funniest people on the planet. I love my crew-- close and extended-- for the one-liners, the random comversations, the brunches, the dinners, the road-trips, the international cafes, the sugar (inside joke), weekend clubbing, observing the dress code, and much, much more. India in 08, baby!!!

4. New York. I live in wonderland. Anything is possible in this small, country town. I've been here 7 years; I am still in awe. I think I could live here 50 and that would not change.

5. My mama. Like most people, I take what she does and that she is here in the world for granted. Kanye (a fellow only child) losing his mama was a wake-up call.

6. Larry, ie, Daddy. The older I get, the more alike I realize we are. He lives a fantabulous life. I'm honored to follow in his footsteps (even if teh responsibility of filling those shoes terrifies me.)

7. The psuedo-family. These mofos are com-e-dy. But more important, they are crazy supportive of whatever I do. (These folks pulled out the new Glamour at the dining room table. Shameless plug: Yes, I am in the Dec. issue. pg. 98, I am thankful for that too.)

8. The new job. I said I wasn't going to talk about in the blog (a couple new co-workers read it), but I will say this: There's a line in "Gone" where 'Ye says, "They claim you never know what you got 'til it's GONE/ I know I got it, I don't know what y'all on." I am doing my dream job. I can't take that for granted.

9. "I'm all right with me"- Erykah, "Cleva" I spent 2 hours earlier talking to a 23 year old, whom I love dearly. I won't divulge the conversation, but I'll say this: I'd glady take my 23 y.o. body. I'd rather die than take my 23 y.o. mind. I really don't think folks think right before 26.

10. My iPod. By the grace of a fellow editor (all the new hot shit), my parents (all the old hot shit) , a couple deejays (remixes to the new hot shit) and my own computer (96-2006 hot shit, minus Jay-Z), I honestly think I have amassed the greatest collection of music ever, IMHO. And it's all in the pocket of my camo skirt. This thing is the best invention ever.