"Thank YOU!"

Holy crap!!! I’ve had the best birthday week ever. I mean seriously. Thank you to every single person who e-mailed, called, texted, came through to the party, paid for a meal, mixed a concoction, shared a smoke, popped a bottle, drove down from Harlem, showed up early, manned the grill, rode with me back to NYC, played chaperone, spit hot thundercat fire in my ear, and shouted me out on a mic, and so much more.

Like seriously, I have the best friends/fans/readers in the whole wide world. I’ve never felt so loved. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This week was one for the books, ya’ll. I’m so humbled to be surrounded by such greatness.

Unless I do Belle:The Book just about this weekend, I will never capture all the details. So I won’t even try.But I’ll do snippets of the weekend as I’m inspired. Let’s go:

I got a perm and no umbrella.

It’s the evening of my birthday. I’d met TLA at his house a few minutes earlier, but it didn’t smell like rain. Looked like it when I drove up, but I’m enough of a southern girl that I can smell it-—usually. I don’t know why I left the umbrella in my car. Maybe I was too excited to be taken out on a date-date by a may-annn.

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