Technical Difficulties- UPDATE


So the Belleberry is still on the fritz. I know you want your Belle and you're not trying to hear it. (The number of clicks yesterday was almost three times the average, which means you're checking back. LOL!) If I have time today-- unlike yesterday-- I'll write before I leave the office.  In "good-er" news, TLA listened to my whining about my 'bootleg' phone one too many and went out and got me a new one. (I told you men like to solve problems.) Bless him. Like seriously. The only issue: it's in DC. But I'll be there Friday, so worst case scenario we'll be up and running by next week.  The moment I get the new phone working, I'm throwing my BelleBerry!  I also have more exciting news (yes, the same news from last month. it's been confirmed), but I can't announce it yet. It's killing me not to mention it!!! In the meantime, if any of you have a story to tell (I know you do) and want to gush publicly about your lives, send me an email:  And if you're in need of a blog- fix: head over to The ladies at Parlour have great, regular male bloggers. Check out Bundy and Southern Gentleman. I love them dudes! Oh, and one more thing. Hi, UK! There's 20 or so steady readers across the pond. I have no idea how you found this blog, but thank you for reading and coming back!  -B.



I had a blog all written today , but my Blackberry won’t let me get to it. This phone is for sh*t. I hate this thing. No amount of turning it on or off is fixing it.

I’m at a miserable loss over what to do. I can’t text or email because the downward scroll button won’t work. I feel like it’s 1999 again with a phone only capable of making calls. I’m two seconds from throwing this thing at wall across the room. When I get to work I’ll try to get my posts off... then I’m throwing it. Grrrr.

More Belle later today. Please check back.

- D.