The Taller the Better?

Who's got down time? I do! I do!!

It dawned on me just now when I received this email (see left) that I never finished the man-survey. I had to go back and re-tally the number. Lost the Word document that had everything totaled up.

As it turns out, all but two dudes gave women 2 inches taller than them a definitive yes. I think that's 88%? I knew many liked tall ladies, didn't know the numbers would be like this. So YAY tall! (you have to remember when Rudy said something similar on The Cosby Show to really get that. It's from Season 2.)

Here's what the menfolk had to say:

“I’m 6'3, a woman taller than that is NOT what's up, I like my women 5'5 and lower. I LOVE small women.... LOVE. I keep a step ladder in my car trunk (just kidding)”

“I'm 6'6". I have dated women 6'4", but I haven’t met any the same height as me. My height requirement is in regards to lack of height not excess. I don’t date women below 5'6".”

“It’s awkward, but if she’s cool with it… I know more women have a problem dating men shorter than them. Like I would just assume she wouldn’t want to talk to me because I was shorter than her.”

“Long legs are sexy. Especially if the legs are know that indentation in the thigh when they sit down and cross their long gambs...LORD HAVE MERCY.”

“The pussy is the same size so height should not matter. -> D, that is a joke”

“An attractive woman over 6' is like finding a pink diamond in Sierra Leone!”

“Not dating a woman taller. It's an ego thing about being a man and having a physical presence.”