Kenya Moore's Married BF is Mighty Fishy

Kenya Moore and her married boyfriend, James Freeman

Technically, I’m on vacation. I’ve rented a (cheap) car, and woe is me (insert sarcasm) that there’s no way to connect my iPhone to the stereo to listen to my playlists. I’m forced to listen to the radio, which I rarely do at home.

The talk of Miami’s Hot 105 this week has been the discovery by The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore that she was unknowingly dating a married man, whom she met via Bravo’s TV show Millionaire Matchmaker. According to Moore, she discovered this after she’d been sharing pics of herself and her new man, James Freeman, on social media. Yikes!

“Unfortunately, I just learned today that the man I met and fell in love with from Millionaire Matchmaker was married a week after the show aired,” Moore posted on Instagram. “I am astounded and devastated to have learned of this news VIA social media as opposed to from him directly.”

A woman, especially a celebrity, being duped by a man is a juicy story, and the radio station’s hosts spun it into a “question of the day,” asking readers when it was appropriate to share pictures of your significant other on social media. (Most popular answer: when you’re engaged or married—and keep the pics and details to a minimum even then.) But I had a different, more pressing question running through my mind: Where was this man’s wife?

It wouldn’t work for me to have my betrothed on a dating show, but I do understand that many of the people who appear on these types of programs are actors or aspiring actors. Maybe the fiancee was cool with him adding a show to his résumé? Fair enough. Technically, you are single until you are married, I guess. But Moore and Freeman continued to date after the wedding, according to Moore. It seems that Moore wasn’t in an open relationship, but was Freeman in an open marriage?

Actually, no, says Jaimi Gregory, Freeman’s wife. She offered RadarOnline a different timeline than Moore’s, saying that her now-husband’s appearance on Millionaire Matchmaker was filmed in September, before Gregory met him in December. Gregory and Freeman became engaged in March and were married a month later. Gregory says that her husband “forgot” about having taped the show until commercials began airing.

So let me get this straight: He forgot about that time when—for at least three days, for multiple hours each of those days—he hung out with a celebrity woman on a show about a celebrity matchmaker. And he conveniently forgot about the multiple, big cameras that were in his face as well as the lights. Then this same forgetful man also met a woman online and married her within four months? I mean, some people do know when they know, but does a man this “forgetful” fall into that category?

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