NewsOne: ABIB Named One of the Top 15 Most Share-Worthy Black Blogs

  NewsOne named A Belle in Brooklyn one of its "most share-worth" sites


Honored to be named as one of  TV One’s NewsOne top 15 most share-worthy black blogs or websites for  2014.

NewsOne suggested described A Belle in Brooklyn as "pop culture and relationships from a black, feminist perspective" and suggested folks visit the site because.... "Fans of Bravo's Blood Sweat & Heels will recognize what Lucas's readers have known all along: she knows what she's talking about."

Welp. LOL.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.54.32 AM

Many of my faves also made the list, including Very Smart Brothas, Colorlines, My Brown Baby, For Harriet, The Crunk Feminist Collective, and Black and Married with Kids.

Congrats to all the honorees!


What sites are most share-worthy to you?