ABIB to Interview Kerry Washington at BlogHer on July 26

Demi + Kerry  

Two years ago, I attended the BlogHer conference in New York City.  I was the keynote speaker for the closing brunch hosted by Blogalicious, the premier Black bloggers conference. For the uninformed, BlogHer is one of the premier blogging conferences and the biggest one targeting women. The 2012 conference had  5,000+  attendees and President Obama made a live video appearance. Oh, and Martha Stewart and Katie Couric were the keynotes.  Like I said, Big. Capital B.

So it's a really big deal-- to me, at least— that two years later, I'll be on the BlogHer main stage, for the 10th anniversary of their conference, and sitting for a one-on-one interview with THE  Kerry Washington. And to make the whole thing quadruple-ly sweeter, my boo thang Luvvie Ajayi from Awesomely Luvvie is opening for us. I could not be more excited for this event. As a blogger-- and informally diagnosed Scandal addict— this is kinda major!

For the next month, I'll be watching Oprah interviews on YouTube to sharpen my live one-on-one interview skills, and of course putting my journalism skills to use, researching Kerry to death-- even though as a victim of Kerry-fever, I think I'm pretty well-versed-- to come up with the best questions to ask her.  But while I have you, is there anything you would like me to ask Kerry? 

Oh, and what do you think I should wear?