Power Recap: Will the Real 'Ghost' Please Stand Up?

Ghost lives a fantasy in Miami. I’m finally on-time with the Power recaps. Go me!

Anyway, Tasha is home holding down the fort while Ghost is in Miami “on business”. Tariq is worried about his dad, and so is Tasha. Simultaneously, Ghost ain’t worried about nothing. After much delay, Jamie and Angela are in Miami, their version of Olivia going to Vermont with Fitz, or standing in the sun with Jake. They’re unbothered, sipping room service mimosas for breakfast. Ghost tells Angie, “you did not have faith in me…” Um… why should she, married man, who hasn’t disclosed his illegal lifestyle. They’re living in a fantasy. Wake up! Someone call Dap Dunlap or Mary J Blige.

Fiddy and Tommy are being Fiddy and Tommy. They are Herc and Carter from The Wire with worse tempers and slightly more competency. They pay a visit to the laundromat where Ghost and Tommy clean their drug money and where Fiddy learns more and more about their operation. Didn’t Ghost tell Tommy to bring Kanan along slowly? Tommy’s big mouth self tells Kanan about Ghost going to kill the hit-chick. He, of course, calls his own connect, as a warning? Or to kill her first?

Ghost is wearing a full suit in the Miami heat. I know he’s hot. It’s never not hot in Miami. Ghost is complaining about Stern and how he has to get his club back. Again, I need a refresher on why this club is so important. It’s just so much headache involved, I’m not seeing the worth. Oh, is Ghost still trying to pretend he’s leaving drug life… while currently doubling his distribution? Or is this about needing to keep the front for Angie. Speaking of Angie, when she’s not stroking Ghost’s ego, she’s avoiding calls from her ex/co-worker who is blowing up her phone.

The real Ghost and Angie are stroll through Little Havana, taking in the sights. Angie begins asking about Tommy who she thinks is “Ghost”. Real Ghost quickly changes the subject, then  sends her off to get food while he takes pictures of the spot where the hitlady works. He’s using his best El Bloombito Spanish to engage some old men playing dominoes in conversation when he spots the hit woman.

In NY, Fiddy takes a ride with his son and warns him against Tasha. “A fine woman who know she fine is trouble,” he says. Sean has been told. Will he listen?

Angie and Ghost are handing out on a cabana by the beach. Her phone is still going off. She and Jamie discuss the future. He can move to Miami when he gets his club back. She’s considering a transfer again. She’s asking about the kids, he tells her he’s already researched a school. What about Tasha? Ghost says she’ll be “a very rich woman” and she’ll be okay. You sure about that, buddy?

Angie says she is ready to give up her whole life for Ghost. But first, she has to (finally) take a call from Greg. He finds out that she hacked his account. She was wrong, yes. But maybe that wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t have  a password that a fifth grader could crack. They hash a plan to confirm that Tommy is Ghost.

That night, Ghost shows up to the club to talk the one into signing his business over to Stern. He gets kicked out. Womp. I don’t know why I was expecting Ghost to go all “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse…” But he just leaves in frustration. At the hotel, Angie reads over the contract and offers to help Ghost by checking court records for info.

The next morning, Angie swings by the Florida DOJ to get more info on Tommy and to  check on a job transfer. So like, you’re going to arrest your man’s best friend of 20 years and business partner, possibly put the friend and business partner in jail, and then still move to Miami and live happily ever after with said man... and his three kids. Am I understanding this plan correctly?

Sean is at the house hanging out with Tariq, making a diorama. Tasha comes home and flashes some cleavage to entice Sean, who is taking his father’s advice and playing Tasha to the left, which she is none to happy about.  Random, Sean is a shorty. I appreciate him more and more each episode He tells Tasha he sees her "like a big sister… now”. Shade.

Tommy and Fiddy are still co-starring in their own Ebony & Ivory buddy flick. Ghost calls to tell Tommy he’s headed out to find the hit woman and suggests Tommy talk Q Dub into working with him. Tommy decides to take Fiddy with him. I know in advance that this is a bad idea.

Tommy’s playing pool with Q-Dubs trying to convince him to come aboard. He isn’t convinced. Tommy’s willing to figure out a new plan, but because Fiddy has no chill, Dubs and his boy, and a random witness all end up dead. Womp, womp.

When Jamie returns to the hotel late, Angie shares her info on the club owner, and… that she’s in love with Ghost… and that she’s a federal attorney… and that she’s investigating Tommy and is planing to put Tommy in jail. Ghost is pissed. “You, me, us.. it’s all a ruse?” I mean it is, but not for the reason you think. It’s because you’re living a double life, my dude.

Everything goes very soap opera here, replete with piano music. Ghost realizes that Angie wants him to testify against Tommy. “It might be the only way to save your dream, our dream,” she pleads. The Real Ghost looks scared and confused. Than Angela asks “have you ever heard anyone on the street call Tommy by the name Ghost?” There score has drums. Ghost makes a serious face. “No,” he says. And for like the first time, like ever, he’s not lying. “Never,” he adds. The drums get louder.

“Will you help me if I help you,” Angela asks  “Or will you leave me?” After a long pause,  Ghost says, “I can’t leave you.” Because both Omari Hardwick and Jamie St. Patrick and Ghost are all exceptional actors, I can’t tell whether he’s lying or not. He tells Angie he loves her, but the look on his face when she can’t see it makes me think he’s thinking about killing her.

Ghost calls Tommy early the next morning. They discuss Ghost looking for the hit-woman, not Angie’s big confession. When Angie awakes, he tells her he’s been talking to Stern. This man makes lying look as easy as breathing. He tells her he has to stay longer in Miami to work. Angie feels weird about the convo last night. Ghost/Jamie says that she can trust him and nothing will come between them. “We’ll be fine,” he says. “Just like we planned.”  Sure, whatever.

Jamie goes back to the Miami club. Short version: As we’ve just seen with Angela, Jamie could sell water to a well/whale. He convinces the owner to sign. Moving on…

Back at the St. Patricks house in NYC, Tasha is so upset watching Lala and Sean flirt that she knocks a glass over.  Neither of them care. Then she tries to cock-block her single friend, name-dropping another man. Mrs. St. Patrick, if you don’t get control of your married hormones…

Mr. St. Patrick is twirling his mistress around Miami one last time. Angie wants Cuban food… at spot coincidentally across the street where the hit woman works. Said hit woman also conveniently stops in for carryout and she and Ghost spot each other. She runs, Ghost chases. She spots the other guy who is also trying to kill her. He reminds me of Chris Brown and moves like a movie-monster.

The other dude catches up with her first and stabs her up a few times. Ghost finds her before she dies. He asks if Rolla sent her. She calls him a “dumb mother——er” twice. Um… ASK HER WHO DID SEND HER, DUDE!!!! He doesn’t. She dies. Jamie leaves and goes back to dinner with Angela like he didn’t just see a chick die in the street, and he wasn’t trying to murder her. This man has no soul. But they can leave Miami together as planned.

Lala and Sean ki-ki in the car. Lala reveals that she doesn’t have anything nice that wasn’t Tasha’s first, then tongues down Sean. I see this going bad places for Tasha.

Jamie and Angie land back at JFK. The vacation is over. Back to the real world.  They pretend that everything is okay, when it’s really anything but.

What did you think of episode 3?