New Amerykah

I went to two Erykah Badu outings last week-- the taping for her VH1 Storytellers show, and then the listening for the new album New Amerykah the following night. I was moved at both events. Could hardly contain myself from the rapture I wanted to slip into at the show, especially when she performed "Me." Just zoned the hell out and got lost in her melodic funk at the listening. I took so much from both experiences and knew they—and she—would be the source of a blog (or several) in the near future. (This is just the beginning. I can only listen to that one song right now.) It was just a matter of pinpointing what I wanted to say.

In "Me," she just strips bare. Outlines a great deal of her faults, puts her biz on Front Street, and she finds an acceptance in herself—-flaws and all. I find a strength in her vulnerability. I think too often, we –or at least I— define strength as being stalwart, never letting anyone see me sweat, keeping a strong upper lip. But I think my greatest strength is in just being me, whomever I am when I think no one is looking (someone is always looking, ftr.) I think a great life is fucking up (can’t help this no matter how hard I try), learning from the fuck up (not always easy), and attempting to do better (the hardest part. Patterns are hard to break.) When you stumble off the path, allow your heart to guide you back.

All these inspirational posts I've been writing as of late are a result of this one song. Check the lyrics, cop the album. IT'S IN STORES TODAY!!!! BUY IT (not free download) I think this is the first time I've ever endorsed anything on here and with good reason. (I don't get paid.) But this album (and this song in particular) flipped my whole shit up. Badu's music has been responsible for a great deal of my way and thought in life. She surpasses all expectations with this one.


"Me"- E. Badu

...Sometimes it’s hard to move ya see? When you growing publicly But if I have to choose between I choose me