Men: The Manual Part 2

Men: The Manual (Part 2)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I’ve had a great day. I’m in DC with TLA!!! He fixed me a ‘fat girl’ birthday breakfast this morning—waffles, eggs, and fried fish!!! Tonight he’s taking me somewhere. I have no idea where though. But I’m putting on a pretty dress and heels to hang out with my boo!

Okay. Here’s more from Men: The Manual. I meant to post this morning but um… er… I was... busy.


That’s all you get! Ha!

15. Men like confident women. At least the good ones (ie, non-predators). If you don't have confidence fake it. A friend shared an email with me recently that a woman he liked sent him. In it, she basically explained why a man like him would never stay interested in a woman like her. He'd leave her for someone more worthy of him, she wrote. He pretty much adored her before he read the email. By the end, she'd convinced him she wasn't worthy and so he lost interest. If you can't see your greatness, he probably won't either.

16. They're insecure too. No one ever acknowledges that for some reason. My father had a father-daughter talk with me and a great friend of mine one time. This is the only part of the speech I remember. I thought it was revolutionary. Apparently, the same way insecure women act out, men do the same. Instead of letting all the goods hang out, they buy a lot of flashy clothes and name drop important people and tell you how much they make. Oh, and male whores are more insecure than most. There's a lot to be dissected about a man who defines himself buy how many women he can pull.

17. They hate weaves-- if they can tell. I sat in a cafe with four men on Sunday. 2 women with past-shoulder weaves walked in. I thought they looked decent. The men thought they looked cheap, and this was pretty much based on their hair. They weren't wearing anything inappropriate. They weren't doing anything inappropriate. But the hair made them cheap? I don't get it... Probably because I am not a man.


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