Men: The Manual

I was going to save this for my bday (tomorrow) but I just feel like doing this today.

After the SATC screening a few weeks back, I headed over to the Metropolitan Pavillion for the Tanqueray party w/ Ryan Leslie performing. Two minutes in, a fan of the blog approached me. She's a recent HU grad (the real one. Don't shoot, Hamptonites! LOL!) She told me that she and her friends too are all fans of the blog and became such after reading 28 Things I've Learned About Relationships, which I think I posted last year on my birthday.

I'm pretty proud of that list. I can't always abide by everything on it, but everyone of those "Things" is the God's honest truth as I know it.

I've had this list (below) for awhile (all of my close friends know that the posts are written daily but often not put up for weeks or months and even then go up not in chronological order) so here it is, or at least the first half, 14 of 29 More Things I've Learned About Men aka Men: The Manual

Let me know your thoughts...

1. If you date one, and you are a good woman, and ya'll stop dealing, he will come back. It might take a year, it might take a decade, it might just take a day. But he will come back. (That does not mean you have to take him though.)

2. Men like monochromatic colors. I can't figure this one out. I think this has to do with us looking less busy so they aren't distracted from our bodies and faces. Not sure. White seems to be their favorite though.

3. They like compliments. A lot. Thing is few people ever say anything nice to them about them. They respond like dry plants to water when you tell them they look nice, smell nice, did something well. (I texted TLA before a game once "you are phenomenal. You will make me proud." He still talks about it.)

4. Sports are male soap operas or reality TV for men. (Thanks, Tariq.) Once he put it context, I got it. Think about it. Now doesn't the obsession make sense?



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