Letting Go... A Little/ Ode to Belle's Teenage Love Affair

So Danielle wrote in with a great story that captures all the feelings that I'm having for Teenage Love Affair. I couldn't have described it any better myself.

I told him the other day that I had a blog (I intentionally neglected to mention that to him for the first few weeks.) And I told him that I wrote about him.

"What' s may name," he asked.

Oh God. I didn't realize till I was being probed about it by him how totally and completely mushy it is. There's no hiding exactly what you think about someone when you call them not just a "Love Affair" but a Teenage Love Affair.

I blinked. Looked up at him. He does this thing when he talks to me where he stares right in my eyes, like he's trying to see my soul. I couldn't lie to him if I tried. "It's..." I couldn't do it. Damn pride. "It's T.L.A. That's what they know you as," I say firmly like that's the end of the matter.

He screwed up the beautiful features of his face. "TLA? What's that mean?"

He's so cute when he's puzzled. I mean he's cute when he's not.. well, not really cute, more like handsome, and chiseled, and brawny and sexy... okay, that's not the point. The point is he looked puzzled. Ugh. Where is my backbone?

So I told him. "It's Teenage Love Affair," I blurted.

He smiled so big and wide. Then grabbed me to him and surrounded me in those big ol arms that I love so much. *sigh*

Everytime I talk to him now, he brings it up. I'm so caught up, I can't even get embarrassed.