Let's Not Play The Game

 No more 4am MySpace postings about not being able to sleep or write. Now that that's over, I've started auditioning suitors again and I'm realizing some very unflattering truths about dating. These are just my top TEN general observations.

1. I really feel there is something inherently wrong FOR ME to be sitting in a room where I or the person I am with have sexed more than one person in it. (I realize this is a personal peeve that most people do not get upset about. I'm okay with that. But this is all about me and my issues.) As I get to know more guys and the sex conversation inevitably comes up, I realize even the so-called "nice" ones have grocery lists of who they had sex with. It's near impossible for us to go somewhere like a concert and not meet up with a bunch of women he's been enveloped by. I realize that the older folks get, the more past they have, but damn. Don't hump everyone you meet.

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