Justify My Love (Cue Madonna)

Because I live on Main Street, it so happens that there’s not much I can do without someone I never expected to know, knowing about it—even when I don’t write about it here. Such is the case with my new Teenage Love Affair. He’s no secret , of course, but due his newness and the accompanying we’re just getting to know each other status, I’ve neglected to broadcast our mutual interest to everyone listening (in the real world). I talk about him incessantly to my besties who are obligated to listen. And as it turns this out, he has been speaking about me too. And yes, it was favorable.

I got a call his weekend from an “old friend.” A professionally successful gentleman who I dated for awhile a long while back. He’d heard the rundown of my new beau through “the grapevine.” The Grapevine (a woman) inquired of my Ex, one of my favorites, about who I once was to him so long ago. The Ex described me in glowing terms (the parting was amicable and many years prior) and he ran down a list of my educational and professional successes. She was impressed, it seemed.

The Grapevine took it all in and then commented, “[TLA] doesn’t seem like her type.” This was mostly based on a comparison of his resume and mine, and then added some other unflattering remarks about him.

To which The Ex commented back to her, “I know D. He’s probably just a fling.”