In Other Blame A Black Man News

ku-xlargeShort version:  A woman in St. Louis made headlines after she claimed she was a victim of the "knockout game" an alleged urban trend where Black guys run up on unsuspecting people and try to knock them the "*** out" like "Deebo" in Friday.   Ashley DePew, 23, told police she was picking up a drunk friend from a bar on November 17 when she was punched in the face by three Black men in the crowd. DePew's injury required  required facial reconstructive surgery.

Police investigated the story and discovered it was Pure-D BS. Authorities found that Simms wasn't at the bar and the friend she allgedly was picking up denied seeing her that night. Turns out, she actually sustained her injury from her boyrfirend who beat her Chris Brown style in his car. She made up the "Black men beat me!" story to protect her 25-year-old boyfriend Justin Simms.

Both face misdemeanor charges for making false claims to police. No word whether the boyfriend will be charged with battery.