"His" Money?

Until 2am, I had no blog for the day. I'd planned to write something on the train (45 minute commute), but I've found that I like to go blank and just let my wander on the way to work. So there wasn't going to be a blog. Anyway, the neighbors upstairs start tearing each other apart again (next weeks's blog) and wake me up from a wonderfully vivid dream (maybe the same blog, they tie-in together.) So thank them for me being up, unable to go back to sleep for 4 hours, and thus, you having the following to read: The parents are in town and I invited the SSO to meet them. We eat at Ruby Foos (love the food, hate the tourists) and head back to the hotel. Apparently Dallas was playing last nite and SSO and Dad are desperate to catch the last half of the football game. Whatever.

We get to the Renaissance and up to the room only to discover the game isn't being aired on local TV. The men are borderline distraught and because they must see some some ball, any ball, thrown tonite, they settle for watching the Knicks digracefully getting their asses handed to them by Boston (the score was 82-42 at one point.) They begin, like the rest of the world, to harp on how Scottie must go and somehow this discussion leads to Shaq.

Rumor has it that Shaq filed for divorce from Shaunie for 2 reasons. 1) the lesser reason: she took appx. $2 million of the his money and put it in a private account; and 2) the greater reason: she bought a condo for her ''personal trainer'' with his money. With a small caveat to the wording by me, we all agree the latter is unforgiveable.

I raise the point that Shaq is pretty much a known whore. He allegedy has bought a condo for a woman he keeps in NYC and there are also rumors of another kept chick in Chicago, for whom he also pays a mortgage. Please note, that none of this is based in verified act, just sources sharing alleged knowledge. They could be lying. For argument's sake though let's pretend this true. I say that if Shaq has done as accused--ie, paying for these women to live-- then Shaunie is no more wrong than Shaq.

My mother disagrees: ''You don't use your man's money to buy another man a house.''

I agree. ''But he was using their money to buy these chicks' cribs. What's the difference?''

Mommy: "She spent his money on another man!"

Now my understanding of the marital funds goes something like this: What's his is mine, what's mine is his. No matter who's bringing in the biggger chunk of the dough, all of what we make combined is ours to spend within the confines of whatever parameters we set for our relationship. That is to say, even if he's making Bill Gates money and I'm making halal-meat street vendor paper, I'm no less entitled to spend what we make just as he is no more entitled to spend our earnings (especially on a chick). In a marriage, his money isn't any more his because he earned the greater chunk.

Am I being naïve?

Shaunie's dead wrong if she bought ol boy a spot. And so is Shaq, if he's bought these women homes. They are EQUALLY wrong.... Right?