Half on A Baby? or Birth Control?

LOL. I love my life. People email me with the randomest ish.   

This letter landed in my Inbox recently. She asked that I pose it to Belle readers:

If you are in a serious relationship, both committed to each other

And you take all the tests to make sure both of you are straight

And you both decide that the condoms come off

And the girl is using birth control (now or before)…

Should the dude help with the birth control expenses? 

Just wanted to hear more thoughts..because the answers that I am getting are a lil unreal for me...


Yeah, I think he should go half on the BC's since the other option is to go half on a baby. In relationships, I have no problem supplying condoms and have offered  (which most men pass on) just because I think it's the right thing to do.

And since male birth control is on the horizon— check it HERE— I wouldn't have a problem picking up half on that either (although I totally don't trust any dude to take a pill every day. He'd have to stay on condoms 'cause I'm not taking pills unless I'm married. Oh, and the trust issue isn't because he's a man, just because I don't trust anyone other than a doctor with my health and I'm not going "raw" without a ring. But I digress.)

So what say you Belleionaires? You expect a man to go half on BCs (cause I heard the price hiked up to $50 a month last year and um.... that adds up.) And male Belles? Are ya'll splitting the tab? I mean you do get something out of the arrangement too (no kid, extra-warmth.)