Girl & Boy


It's Holiday season. Belle's in re-runs til Saturday. Enjoy "Season One" (i.e., posts from the original blog on MySpace)

Boy: babe? Girl: babe Girl: bay-be Girl: bebe Girl: bay-bee Boy: good mood i see Girl: bah-bee Girl: that last one was french Girl: lol Girl: yes? Boy: u got some didnt u? Boy: u lil harlot Girl: got some from where? Girl: can you pick it up somewhere? Girl: they selling it now? Boy: they been selling it.. oldest profession Girl: men? Boy: i got a pocket full if u wants some Girl: lol Boy: u can get it 4 cheap Girl: like the clipse? Boy: exactly Girl: how much? Boy: for you? a coke and a smile Girl: like white lines? Girl: or soda? Girl: you know i'm drug-free Boy: me 2 Girl: i'm worried though Girl: like it's so cheap Girl: i like a discount, but i don't like poor quality Girl: i'd rather pay more for better service Boy: i hear u, i can give u a trial pack.... is 6 months usage good? Girl: that'll work fine Girl: what is the shipping and handling fee? Boy: a cuddle Girl: i gotta cuddle? Boy: lol Girl: does it work without cuddling? Boy: it works with a whistle, babe Girl: a whistle? Girl: like you blow... Girl: oh, you are a pig!!!!! Boy: not what i was saying Girl: yeah right Boy: saying it can work as easily as u can whistle Girl: oh Girl: ok Girl: that better be what you meant Boy: who's the piggie? Girl: oink! Girl: i'm a dirty minded piggie Boy: are u talking dirty 2 me? Girl: i don't talk dirty Boy: you will Girl: will i? Boy: sure will.. if i have to do with it Girl: what is it with you and this dirty talk? Boy: maybe just in a dirty mood Boy: but i'm all for that cuddly goo Boy: u seem to be opposed to cuddling Girl: eh... Girl: pre-okay Girl: post-depends Boy: who cuddles before, unless ure watching tv or something? Girl: exactly Girl: it's the warm up Girl: cuddle and talk Girl: then... Girl: after everyone is hot Girl: too hot to cuddle Boy: yup Boy: and dirty side is only if the mood is right Boy: the energy is there Boy: but a lil dirty talk does go a long way Girl: i wouldn't know Girl: i don't have a dirty side Boy: u've never been taken there Boy: not even biggums Girl: hee hee hee Girl: well, i don't have much of a dirty side Boy: we all do somewhere Boy: just a matter of finding it Boy: if ur biting chains and barking orders, u surely can add a dirty word or two to ur vocals Girl: i tell you too much Girl: you shouldn't know about the biting chains Girl: hey, how do men feel about receiving orders? Girl: good thing? Girl: bad thing? Boy: depends Boy: at times it can throw u off Boy: think also depends if its an order, a subtle hint, a pre or post suggestion Boy: but over ordering can be annoying Girl: hmmm Girl: i heard men in their 30s take direction well Boy: so what u want me to do, ma'am.. lol Girl: lol Girl: i think i get specific Boy: shut up Girl: i won't say that. Girl: i'll just kiss em to shut em up Boy: no, the shut up is me telling you Girl: lol Boy: it's a fine line between help and distraction Boy: hopefully if i ever make it to the promised land of [amelda] the line will be smooth Girl: you are a nut Boy: have an affair, act like an adult for once Girl: having an affair is acting like an adult? Boy: it's a jay-z rhyme Girl: i'm not a hippity-hopper Boy: oh lord