Get Over Mr. Ex

I was beyond drunk one night long ago. It was my unofficial Get the F*ck Over Mr. Ex party. There are pictures to prove I did what I did and the stories of what I said (and did) are starting to filter in slowly from friends. I didn't dance on any tables. All things considered, I think I was pretty well-behaved.

Anyway, I invited a very attractive man  to party with me that night. If all had gone according to my week long, shit-talking plan, he would have been my "gift" for the night. The plan was to gauge Cutie's interest, and if he was indeed interested, invite him over to the house to celebrate finally getting over my ex. I'd ask him to bring a bottle of wine and we'd watch a late night movie... "or something." LOL!

Cutie shows up looking just as delicious as I remember...

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