F*ck Black Women

Let me preface this blog: Misogyny runs wild in American culture, period. So it's certainly not just so many of the brothas who are guilty of hating women in general, and black women in particular. But a so-called brotha is the inspiration for this blog and hence, ithis post only address Black men.

I know the title of the blog is inflammatory. But that's really want I want to say to a lot of Black men who date Black women, but don't really like Black women. And let me clear this up quick, just because a man likes to have sex with Black women, does not mean he actually likes Black women. There's a difference between liking to f*ck someone and actually like them. Pause. Read those last two sentences again. If you just now get the difference, I have just shaved reams of relationship drama from your life. Thank me someday.

My best male friend in the whole wide world, Tariq, sent me an exchange he had with one of his friends--a male– complaining about Black women's hair. The crux of the story went something like this: Black man raised by Black mother met a girl one night, asked her out another, but before she said yes to the date, she said she had something to tell him. He's thinking she's married, got a man, got a kid. That something was, "I was wearing a wig last night."

Instead of being relieved that's all it is, the man--who until recently has made it a point to only date women with one white parent because he prefers lighter skinned women with wash & wear hair-- the man is angry...

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