Even More Random Quotes

I spent the weekend in DC. That's all the details you get. LOL! But I didn't have time to write a complete blog or edit the ones that are already done. So today, you get even more random quotes from the crazy people I know and love. :-) ENJOY!

"Mocha lightening is going to strike tonight." -Ace

"Your promises are empty like my bra." - XXX, a hilarious woman

"Don't you feel like a sucka?" - a gentleman, feeling himself and his newly confirmed law degree. (I had to remind him that while yes, he may be able to afford me someday that no, he was not good for me and I was more than fine with passing on him.)

"Make is snow on these."- Patent, who is slightly bitter because he booked a series of vacations back to back that took him away from NYC during the height of party season. (I'd just excitedly texted that I was at a mutual friend's party and she had made it snow. Literally. She's so beyond rain.)

"Get em, girl!" - a good friend's proud response upon hearing the EFFORT I'm happily putting in for TLA. (Um, I cooked Sunday dinner this weekend.)


"Damn. You wrote that like you meant it forreal."- my response to TLA's text. (I can't tell you what he wrote.)


"What you think about determines the quality and direction of your life. Naturally, people who think positive, uplifting thoughts have happier, healthier, longer lives. They are less stressed, more vibrant and enjoy better sleep. That's why the scripture encourages us to think on good things--things that are true, noble and lovely."- June 18th word from Rev. Run (my girl forwards The Word of the Day almost every morning.)


"For you, D. Anything." - DJ CEO, a personal favorite, confirming he'll spin for my BBQ/ bday celebration!!!!

"Love and joy!. I wish you love and joy!"-- me to random people in the street after leaving a birthday party very tipsy. (Whoever said New Yorkers are mean lied. Only one person didn't wish it back.)

"Thats not ur day. The treaty only works if we all stay in our place."- Patent's response to my text about going to Habana Outpost on a Thursday, seeing no Black people and realizing the White folks were not trying to give up a seat.


"Dating sux. Why I gotta meet the wifey type chicks allllll the time. I want a slut."- Daven via text


"I heard about your new relationship. Congratulations (in my attempt to sound sincere) Blah!" - an Ex's text about TLA


"Kiss. You decide which lips." - a text, not from TLA, which I promptly erased. (He's not that vulgar. He doesn't even curse around me.) I wasn't offended by general the idea, but it's not a push-up style I respond to. I read it outloud to a couple friends and they were feeling the approach. Hard. Go figure.

Her: No d*ck :-( Me: Do u mean its little? Or u didn't get any or one doesn't exist? I need clarification. -I write about relationships here. I edit relationships there. People hit me about anything to do with relationships and sex for advice. I take this seriously so I have to get the whole story before I advise.

"Welcome to d*ck talk at 10 AM." -Me & Ace upon realizing that relationships and men were the usual topics of discussion over morning tea.