Assholes Don't Die. They Multiply


I met a guy I liked. He was digging me—or at least I think he was, but I figure (pure speculation) out he's not looking for a "wifey," which he thinks I am. (For better or worse, most men who meet me think this. I'm emitting something evidently.) Either or he's not feeling me. Anyway, I take all of that to mean he's just not that into me. Okay. No love lost. So I end up at the same venue as him one weekend. He sees me, comes by, chats me up… then flirts?

Him: "Are you dancing tonight?"

Me: "I'm drinking. I might." [Sip. Sip.]

Him: "If you're dancing, I'll dance with you."

Me: "Ummm… Nah, I'm good." [Sip.]

I brush him off—not to be mean, but to respect the parameters he's defined. You're not interested, dude, why are you flirting? Why the mixed signals?

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