Another Woman's Trash

I was at T-Pain's album release party at PM with Penelope and a friend of hers, Giselle. I'd hung out with Giselle a few times and she was cool as hell. We had a lot in common, including the same taste in men, it would turn out.

We were at the bar when a gorgeous stranger ran up on Giselle and hugged her. He was fine. Crazy, dumb fine.

Bootyful was introduced to Penelope and I. He said "hello" casually, chatted briefly with Giselle (I didn't pick up relationship vibes from him), then returned to whatever Heaven-sent place he'd come from. As soon as he left, I couldn't help myself from asking her, "Who was that?"

"Just some guy I used to get down with."

"An ex?"

"Oh, hell no, girl. Just a little jump off from a couple years ago."


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