Animal Kingdom: Part 1

‘’What’s a pimp with no hoes/ you know the game and how it goes/ We trying to get chose.'’ - UGK "International Players Anthem"

I usually don’t do clubs on weekends for a number of reasons. 1) I can party and drink for free Mon - Thurs.; 2) there’s no dress code Mon-Thurs. so my guy friends can get in wearing sneeks, a tee and a fitted if they so choose; 3) weekends are for chillin (i have to rest at some point); and 4) whenever possible, I prefer not to leave Brooklyn.

One Saturday night I made an exception. A friend had a housewarming to celebrate the purchase of his second condo. Many of my friends were in attendance, the drinks were flowing and the vibe was right at his very lovely home. His shindig was winding down but the festive mode wasn’t. A group of us decided to keep the party going like Jesus with the wine and took it to the city. My boy from DSA media was doing an all-star party with the Giants & Jets at Crash Mansion, a spot just over the BK bridge, a connect at the door, Just Blaze on the 1s & 2s, and Hennessey and Patron sponsoring the event. What could go wrong?

We get dropped off outside the venue and its sheer pandamonium. Heads everywhere. Despite the craziness, Dante keeps his word and whisks me and my girls to the front of line (good look, D). We get downstairs and it’s crowded. Check. More men than women ('’I'm in a sausage factory,'’ Phoenix observes.) A surprising, unexpected check. And they’re all tall– really tall! And well constructed– really well constructed! And glittering from the ropes of diamonds (or CZs) hanging from their necks…

Oh no! They are all athletes!!!!

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