Angry Black Women

As far as I'm concerned, Boiler Point is MTVs best show. I am a woman with a relatively short fuse and I can empathize with people who go off. I was watching the show Sunday night and they presented four scenarios that would have me spazz in less than 5 minutes. As was, I was sitting on my couch near boil.

First up, a guy is scalping tickets for $50 a piece on the street. As soon as the people buy them, someone comes around the corner and says they're fake. To win, you have to not flip out on dude for 11 minutes. I'd be eliminated in under 3. Next scenario, a couple or pair goes to the restaurant and the guy next to them is wasted and keeps interrupting them. For 15 minutes, they have to sit through his antics, which include repeated toasts, coming to sit at their table and standing on a chair at their table. Repeatedly people ask the waitress to switch tables away from the drunk guy and she's like, ''what's wrong? I don't see a problem.'' I'd give myself 5 before I flipped on her or walked out.

Next up, you go to get your car washed for $20. They sudsie it all up with what they tell the people is paint eating soap and then refuse to wash it off till you pay another $95. The rinse apparently isn't included in the price. I think folks were supposed to not flip for another 15. I'd have to assume the person telling me this nonsense was some sort of mental patient so I probably could have made it a good 10 without spazzing... if the manager wasn't such a dick. He kept telling people, ''it's not my problem.'' He's lucky somebody didn't get in their car and run him over.

The last scenario was the only one with Black people reacting. This random chick goes to a beach with a tub of beer, she sits close to other folk, opens one, sips, then asks the people next to her, a Black pair, if they can watch her things while she jets off elsewhere. She promises to come right back. While she's gone, beach security rolls up and accuses the watchers of having open bottles. She asks for their ID, ignoring the girls' protests that it's someone else's beer, and calls for back-up. The chick returns, sees the mayhem over the beer, and denies it's hers, accusing the watchers of having the beer. These people have to not go off for 12 minutes to win. I'd give myself maybe 2 minutes after the chick returned before I flipped (so that's what 7 minutes?) I'm not going off on the cop. But lil’, lying drinking girl woulda at least something thrown at her.

I got mad watching the show and I really had to think about where all this rage was coming from. I've been spazzing lately. Recently I called out a loud-talking chick in the movie theatre and was like, 'uh sweetie, we can all hear you (and a swirling index finger for emphasis). Can you pipe it down, please?'' I didn't use my most polite tone. And I tried to just ignore her. It's not like she meant to disturb everyone in a five seat radius, but she did. And the longer I said nothing the more pissed, I became. I had to mini-spazz on her or else I was going to pop! (For the record: my comment was met with a whispered chorus of thank yous.)

While I was immersed in thought on my anger, I noticed I wasn't alone. I was in the changing room at Macy's overhearing one hyper employee talking to another one about something that had happened in her personal life. The conversation and reaction were so standard, that it took me to a second to get that she was near-flipping over relatively nothing. There was another Black woman arguing in the perfume department. On the escaltor behind me, another angry Black woman.

There are a lot of really angry Black women out here, I thought. It doesn't apply to all of us, of course, but enough than to be more than just a stereotype.

The question is... why? This can't be healthy and it’s not just the Holiday season. What has got us so mad, you think?