A Belle Update

Have you been telling people about Belle? I don't know what happened, but we've got 2000 new readers in two weeks and an insane number of hits. This makes Belle happy! But who the hell is reading this thing? LOL!

I've intentionally never put a full picture up, but I still get people asking, "hey, do you do the ABIB blog?" Maybe it's the eyes. Anyway, it scares Belle when strangers talk to her about the details of her life in public. Belle loves making new friends, but don't scare her.

At this point, I will now stop referring to myself in the third person.

A new blog is coming later (I think.) It is the case that I am getting killed at work, hence the no-shows last week and the question about today. But there are 2 new blogs, a survey and then the first part of the results with the man quotes.

A special thank you to the men who participated. But more about them later. Okay now. Since you asked-- 2 are married (happily and to fabulous, gorgeous ladies.) The rest are single and dating. All are employed-- and pretty well, I should add. All are cute AND articulate too! Most are tall. They range from about 27-39. Pause. Why am I not dating any of these men? They're all really good guys.

That's all I can give. I promised the gentlemen that they would be anonymous. It was the only way I could figure to have them be perfectly honest.

Now on to this morning's brief story:

My girl asked me to describe the guy I've been hanging with recently. He's a lot of good things, but the most accurate way to say what he is -- which I told him 20 minutes into our first date-- is he's a male me. Like if I was a guy, I would dress and talk (minus the NY accent) and swag just like this dude. It's funny how many traits we have in common.

I happened to be downtown last week and stopped by his office for a breif visit. It was the case that he was showing me his Wall of Fame on his laptop, a monthly compilation he keeps of all the stupid shit people either say to him or in his presence (sound familiar?). I was suddenly realizing that he has dual personality/ asshole tendencies (a good thing. I can't deal with pure nice. I tend to run over people like that) when his co-worker returned to the office they share.


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